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Oscars leaked? Y/N? Academy says no

A DOCUMENT listing the "winners" of next Monday's Oscars has been published on the internet.

However a spokesperson for the Academy Awards has told it was a "complete fraud" and that the Oscar votes are still being counted. The authentic-looking document, which appears to have been scanned in, has an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences letterhead and what looks like the signature of the Academy's president, Sid Ganis.

"This is the final list of winners of the 81st Annual Acedamy Awards," the document states.

"As always, please treat this information with extreme care."

It lists Kate Winslet as winning best actress for The Reader and Mickey Rourke as best actor for The Wrestler - which were also picked by's Oscar Predictor.

As expected Heath Ledger is named best supporting actor for The Dark Knight and, in what would be a surprise, Amy Adams wins best supporting actress for Doubt. The best film award goes to Slumdog Millionaire, with its director Danny Boyle being named best director.

"The document is a complete fraud," Oscars spokesperson Leslie Unger said.

"PricewaterhouseCoopers is still counting the ballots and there are only two people there who will know the complete list of winners in advance of the envelopes being opened during the ceremony.

"The Academy's president is not advised of the winners in advance and no such list is created."

EDIT: Actual document under the cut, thanks arctic_blossom !


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