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Zooey Deschanel in Oliver Peoples Campaign


Los Angeles, CA - Oliver Peoples Eyewear announced today that it will launch an advertising campaign featuring Zooey Deschanel for the 2009 season. The luxury eyewear house, which recently wrapped up a Cinema advertising campaign featuring Robert Evans, plans to combine still photographs with a short film to create a storyline consistent with the brand’s story telling marketing approach.

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Although best known for her role in feature films such as Almost Famous, Failure to Launch and most recently The Happening, Deschanel has her hands in much more than just acting. She is a devoted band member of “She and Him” which released their first CD, Volume One in March of this year. Their fresh, indie-rock sound and youthful energy has already garnered them much attention within the music industry. In addition, her unique sense of style, both on and off the red carpet, has gained her the label of international fashion icon, loved by high end designers and hipsters alike.

"Zooey was by far our first choice for the image of our campaign," explains David Schulte, Oliver Peoples CEO. "She truly embodies what we consider to be the core Oliver Peoples customer because she’s chic and mysterious and growing up in LA, also represents our brand’s core DNA."

Playing opposite Deschanel will be Matt Costa, a young musician under Jack Johnson’s co-founded label, Brushfire Records. As a quickly rising star, his most recent CD Unfamiliar Faces has earned him credibility as a skillful acoustic guitar player and an authentic artist. Matt had persona, along with the soft yet sophisticated look Oliver Peoples was after for the male counterpart.

The last player of the campaign is internationally renowned photographer and director Autumn De Wilde, whose work with some of today’s most recognizable musicians is unparalleled in creativity and styling. Her most recent subjects include artists such as Beck, The White Stripes, Jenny Lewis, and celebrated fashion designers, Rodarte. Her work has been featured on the pages of Vanity Fair, W, Elle, Rolling Stone, and V Magazine to name only a few.

"Her ability to capture her subjects in their environments and create such a real persona, even in the most fictitious treatments, is what drew us to her," says Michelle Walnum, Oliver Peoples Senior Director of Marketing. "I am very excited to work closely with Autumn and see how she incorporates the personalities of Zooey and Matt into the exciting story that we have developed."

Last year Oliver Peoples celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the company with a mock, noir style trailer entitled "Mind Games" starring Kate Nuata and Robert Evans. "It was our first producing credit,” says Larry Leight, Founder and Creative Director. "It will be hard to top, but with the creative minds we have on board this year, I"m confident we will achieve an incredible result. "


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