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Charges Dropped Against Saving Abel’s Jason Null and crew member Brandon Danger.

OAKLAND — Prosecutors dropped felony charges Tuesday against a Saving Abel band member and a roadie after reviewing a videotape of the incident in which the pair were accused of forcing a minor to give them oral sex.

Guitar player Jason Null, 33, of Cornith, Miss., and guitar stringer Brandon Danger, 21, of Tampa, Fla., played a show with the band at Oracle Arena on Feb. 3, opening for Avenged Sevenfold.

They later were accused by a 17-year-old Central Valley girl of luring her onto their tour bus with promises to put her in a music video, and then forcing her to perform oral sex on Danger. Oakland police investigated, and the men were arrested and arraigned on felony sex charges on Friday.

Video evidence contradicted her story, according to defense and prosecuting attorneys.


Defense attorneys were able to provide a video recording of the incident to the Alameda County district attorney's office Monday, and after reviewing it, prosecutors said the girl's story was too suspect to take to court.

"Based on the video, the girl was not completely truthful to police," Assistant District Attorney Tom Rogers said. "The video contradicts her account of what happened. Among some of the things video shows is that she led the people on the bus to believe she was older than she really was, told them she had graduated from high school. The video also shows no force was used when she committed the sex act. Nor does it show Null forcing her head down to the exposed genital area, as she had said."

Null has been free on $90,000 bail since Friday and rejoined the band on tour. Danger was held in custody under $60,000 in bail and was being processed for release in the late Tuesday morning.

An attorney for Null said the video captured the entire time period the girl was on the bus.

"The entire event was captured on videotape, but the DA had not had chance to review it when they made the decision to charge," attorney Kevin Ikuma said. "The tape had not been collected at the time of the arrest. There are several reasons for that, not all of which had to do with the police, but also with the person making the videotape getting a little freaked out once they realized what had actually been filmed.

"(Null) had nothing to do with anything. He was not involved with this person at all," Ikuma said. "The allegation was this happened for a brief time on the bus. According to the alleged victim, the entire thing happened on the bus, and the video shows the entire period of being on the bus."

The band continued its tour while Null was in custody, and he's now rejoined them, hoping to build a name for himself now that the DA's office has exonerated him, Ikuma said.

"He spent two nights in custody behind this. It's unfortunate considering he's been completely exonerated," Ikuma said. "But in the end, the right conclusions were reached, and he's certainly grateful for that."

Danger, who ended up spending a week in jail, was "gratified" by the DA's decision, according to his attorney, Lee Mezzetti.

With online commentators suggesting Danger should pursue legal action against his accuser, Mezzetti said he'd advised his client to take a cool-off period.

"My advice is to maybe decompress a bit before making any big decisions," Mezzetti said. "It wouldn't surprise me if the client just moves on. I wouldn't blame him."


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