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Sandra Bullock Covers InStyle

Sandra Bullock
takes the March 2009 cover of InStyle.

The 44-year-old actress has been married to Monster Garage star Jesse James for three years and enjoys being a stepmom to son Jesse Jr., 11, and daughters Chandler, 14, and Sunny, 5.

“Thankfully I married someone who loves me just the way I am – and all the nuttiness that goes into me,” Sandra says. “My greatest joy is making our home what it’s supposed to be. Being a good wife, a good stepmom, a good current wife to the ex-wife. We’re a family.”

As for having her own kids, she said, “If I waited too long, it’s because we were supposed to do other things. If it is just too late? There are millions of children on this planet that I would be honored to call my own.”

When asked what her most memorable fashion moment was, Sandra shared, “My wedding dress. It was beautifully handcrafted, with elegant French lace. Angel Sanchez designed it, and every time I’d try it on, he’d say, “Sandra, please [lose] five pounds!” I apologize, Angel. I didn’t give him those five pounds, but guess what? That round, shiny, happy person was me.”

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