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Hilary Duff Keeps Faye Dunaway Feud Going

Making fun of Faye Dunaway's looks wasn't enough for Hilary Duff—she's still peeved at the aging actress.

Quick feud recap (because there are too many to keep track of anymore): Hilary is starring in a Bonnie and Clyde remake. This caused Dunaway to allegedly cackle, ''Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" which got the Duffster in such a huff, she lashed out to E!'s Daily 10, "I might be mad if I looked like that now, too."

Seems pretty straightforward and done with, but Hilary's still got more to say about the matter on today's Bonnie Hunt Show.

See, Duff says Dunaway can't judge her, because the Lizzie McGuire star is still growing. "She started acting way later than I did, so I think I have time to grow—and grow with each project. I am learning and work hard at my craft," Hilary explains to Bonnie.

Being the kind hostess, Bonnie offers up some comfort: "I think even Faye went through a time, if you look historically, where some people might have said that about her. She has great beauty, but she proved herself."

Then Hilary admits her D10 comments were kind of mean, but whatevs: "It's not OK for people to take stabs at you and to say mean things for no reason." And now we wait to see if this thing is really and truly over...or if another Faye Dunaway zinger is on its way.

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