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Haven't really heard much about her lately...

Halle Berry Talks Baby Love…and Going Bald!

It’s been 11 months since Halle Berry gave birth to her daughter Nahla, but the Oscar-winning actress says being a mom is still the best job of all.

“When I looked at the stick and saw I was pregnant … I was so happy,” Berry tells the March issue of Essence magazine.

“I thought I knew love before, but I’ve never felt anything like this.”

Berry also dished to the mag on the other love of her life, Nahla’s dad Gabriel Aubry:

“I feel more married now than I did in any of my actual marriages. We live the truth of that and that’s more important than a piece of paper,” she tells the mag of dating the model the past three years.

“All I know is that at this moment, it feels fantastic.”

And while family life may be on the top of Halle’s list, the 42-year-old actress still has a passion for acting left in her:

“A film has to be really special for me to leave the house. I have to love it. I mean really, really love it.”

It looks like Berry may have found that special role, a role she is even willing to go bald for!

She says of her upcoming role in the romantic-comedy Nappily Ever After, “I’m shaving it off! I know. Here comes the controversy, but … it’ll grow back – I hope!”

“I don’t want my daughter to look back at my work and think, ‘Mom sold out,’ ” she says. “I want to leave a legacy that she can be proud of.”


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