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everyone loves FREE (legal) music right?

Everyone loves FREE (legal) music right?

So The Damnwells may not be as well known as some, but they should be. After all, they're the band Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were out to see the night they were "found out". They've had an Award Winning documentary made about them, and you may have seen them on tour with The Fray or Augustana a few years ago (or Cheap Trick or Bob Dylan for the older crowd). They also supplied half the soundtrack for the Ryan Reynolds movie "Chaos Theory" that came out last year, and the woman who sings backup vocals was in "Groundhog Day" (and more recently has filmed parts for "Still Waiting" & "500 Days of Summer").

Anyway, The Damnwells released a new album today "One Last Century" and they're giving it away FREE (and legally) with the help of Paste Magazine. You can download it at No "pay what you want" a la Radiohead; just straight up FREE. All they ask of you is your email prior to giving you the download link. With your email they'll sign you up for the Band's mailing list, as well as the magazines. You can always opt out of these later if you wish to.

(photo by Heather Conley)

As of February 10, 2009, Paste Music will be offering the new Damnwells record, One Last Century, for free download from their website. Go to and download the record for free.

A few words regarding this free record.

I suppose the hardest thing to explain to people is why I’m giving this record away. “You’re just going to give it away?” seems antithetical to the human brain. “Is this just a bunch of b-sides or something? Some ‘give away’ material you don’t mind releasing into the ether?” No. Quite the contrary. I have never worked so hard or put so much of myself into a collection of recorded songs. It is for just this reason that I want to give it away. To me it makes perfect sense. I just want people to hear this music, and I don’t want them to have to enter into some kind of contractual agreement with a third party to do so. Download the record, copy it and give it to your friends, lovers, and enemies. Whatever. It’s so hard these days just to get the actual music into people’s houses and cars, let alone their ears. Besides, I know everyone’s broke, maybe I can supply the soundtrack. So, I just want to give this music away because I want people to hear it. I should have done this years ago. I’m starting over.


Alex Dezen

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