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10 Reasons Why House Isn't Good Anymore

Last season wasn't without its problems, it took some hits for trying to add in so many wannabe House's and for killing CTB (or Amber, if you must) but at least they were trying something a little bit out there... and the cases were cool. House trying to save a woman at the North Pole? Cool. Parasites? Always awesome. Overdose caused be something as stupid as tonic water? Brilliant. But aside from Breckin Meyer seeing people like Picassos, there haven't been any super memorable cases.

So after 100 episodes, we've got to wonder, is this procedural getting to be a little too procedural? And for the love of god, will they ever remember whose name is in the title of the show? Here are 10 reasons why we're disappointed by "House" this season:

1. Too Much Thirteen
Hadley. Thirteen. Whatever. This show is about Dr. Gregory House. Not about this whiny new character who has Huntington's disease we're presumably supposed to feel bad for. We just keep hoping she'll get early onset and have to quit her day job. Or die a sudden death. Either way. Then we could go back to the show we liked about people treating patients, not becoming them.

2. House Seems to Have Given Up
He used to revel in making people miserable, or acting really irritating around them until they caved to his ways. Now it seems like his heart isn't in it. He was being nice to Foreman last week and advising him not to throw his career away. And he didn't even retaliate against Cuddy when she started pranking him with the elevators. Who is this guy? Not the House we know and love.

3. Cameron is Rarely On
They finally gave Cameron something to do, and it was a job she was completely unqualified for, but hey, we actually got to see her. But the show giveth and then they taketh away, and now that Cuddy's back at work, they've sent Cameron off again to see ER patients and occasionally tell Foreman it is all going to be OK as long as he doesn't turn into House. That's what we call an egregious waste of an original castmember, and it's not OK, especially in light of this show becoming the Thirteen Complains About Everything Variety Hour.

4. Cuddy is Baby Crazy and Stupid
Cuddy is a smart, educated woman who runs a freakin' hospital and offers up medical diagnoses on occasion. But they've turned her from Miss Independent to a co-dependent pile of mush who can't do her job right because she's got baby brain (and she didn't even give birth to the kid) and is just desperate for House's approval that she's pulling stupid pranks to get him to notice her. And one more scene of her doing the "Who's a cute wittle baby? Who is?" and we'll scream. She can be a working mother and not be so annoying. How did she not know raising a baby was hard? Ridiculous.

5. Too Much Foreman
Out of our three original House minions, Foreman was our least favorite, and yet, he gets the most screen time. And it is all him being an idiot when he tries to get better jobs because he's unfulfilled working for one of the best doctors in the country or something. Or it is Foreman trying to do stupid things to impress Thirteen. And the only thing worse than Foreman and Thirteen alone, is the two of them together.

6. Chase Is Never on the Show
This shaggy Australian seemed like a weak link back in the day, but he was a good person to have working for House. He knew when to stand up for himself and when to kiss up. Sort of genius in a way. We get that he is tired of House's antics, but he still has to do random surgeries for House when needed, so why not just deal with House? After all, he is supposedly this preeminent doctor.

7. Wilson Is Too Mopey
Wilson with Cutthroat Bitch was the Wilson we loved. Dealing with House, but also having his own life. It was kind of awesome, but after they killed off Amber, Wilson has turned all mopey. First he ran away, now he's back and just kind of sad all the time. Where has funny snarky Wilson who could banter with House gone? Where is the man who could call House out? He's forlornly washing mugs in his dead girlfriend's house, that's where! Come back, original flavor Wilson!

8. They Got Rid of Lucas
Aside from CTB, the only other new recent addition that we truly loved was Lucas. He was everything that Wilson should be. He was funny, loved to flirt with Cuddy, uncovered dirt about House and was actually a friend to him. And it didn't hurt that he didn't have a job in the hospital. His outsider perspective was refreshing... which clearly meant he had to go.

9. Too Much Cuddy/House Flirting
She let a hostage-taking gunman into her hospital and then put herself in the line of fire because she was just so in love with the cranky doctor. He spends all his time pulling pranks on her and sending her mixed messages. They would be a terrible couple. So let it go already. Let them just be friends/colleagues, like they used to be.

10. Because After Five Seasons, We're On to Them
We know this show is a procedural, but they could switch it up once and a while, couldn't they? Why do the doctors always need to almost kill the patient twice with misdiagnoses before they find out what the actual culprit is. Isn't House supposed to be excellent at his job? Couldn't he get one right the first time once and a while? Or even the second time? Let's break out of the formula once in a while. Please?


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