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Spoiler Chat with Kristin "Wanda" Veitch Dos Santos

Will Jin and Sun reunite?

Is Charlotte a goner?

And which totally creepy long-lost Lost friend is going to reappear?

These are a few of the burning questions we'll tackle in today's roundup of exclusive TV scoop, along with the latest on Gossip Girl's Nate and Blair hookup, an Officemate who is coming back (for better or worse!) and you know we have to tackle that kiss everyone's talking about on Grey's Anatomy...

Kate in Wacahoota, Fla.: I'm tired of hearing about the Addison/Derek kiss! Tell me it's not going to happen. If Meredith and Derek break up over this, I'm out. Shonda Rhimes is a liar.
It does appear there is a kiss in the promo, but as I said before, there will be no romance between Addison (Kate Walsh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey). My source said "your eyes are playing tricks on you." So fear not! And for the love of nonlovers with good hair, keep the pins away from your Shonda voodoo doll, OK?

Bella in Austin, Texas: Do you know if David will return with Donna when she heads for 90210?
There's a chance Mr. Silver (Brian Austin Green) will eventually head back to the infamous ZIP code. He's currently in Japan, but Tori Spelling tells us, "His lady Donna is in L.A., so maybe he'll come on over." For you hard-core original 90210 fans, don't worry, David's not hitting the speed anymore. He's clean and "he's a papa now," adds Tori.

Sam in Edmonton, Canada: Has there been talk of a sequel to Dr. Horrible?
Neil Patrick Harris tells me: "Joss wants to do more of it, but he's a very popular man at the moment." (Dollhouse premieres this Friday on Fox, in case you hadn't heard.) Still, NPH says he's totally down to do the sequel—assuming Joss wants him back. "I hope they don't recast it with Tobey Maguire. That would be a buzz kill."

Randall in New York: Any chance for a HIMYM musical episode?
Neil tells me he's pushing for it: "We're down to do the big Broadway version of How I Met Your Mother." But Alyson Hannigan is secretly hoping it doesn't happen: "I still can't sing!" Whatever! Neither can Sarah Chalke, but that didn't stop Scrubs from doing its award-winning musical ep. And something tells me Lily could be an excellent rap artist.

Rachel in El Cajon, Calif.: Do you know if Will Arnett will guest star on Amy Poehler's new show?
Doubtful. Amy Poehler tells me, "No, I don't think so. He's focusing on his new show on Fox." That's the new animated series Sit Down, Shut Up, with two of his Arrested Development buddies, Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Bateman, and Pushing Daisies' Kristin Chenoweth. Arnett, meanwhile, had told us he wouldn't guest star on any series that didn't have a name, so at least they have that one cleared up! (It's called Parks and Recreation, and you can hear my take on the pilot script here.)

Tony in Peoria, Ill.: I have to assume with the Jam wedding in the future, Roy may make another appearance on The Office. Am I right?
David Denman (Roy) is gunning for it saying his storyline was "left open-ended." "I'm sure there will be some point where Roy will show up at a wedding or something and cause some chaos," he tells me. For the sake of PB&J, I sure hope he doesn't.

James in Rocky Mount, N.C.: Have you heard anything about Hilary Duff's new show on NBC?
We just caught up with Duff herself on the set of Ghost Whisperer (more later), and she addressed the rumors that her Peacock net series would be called Barely Legal. "That's an option for one of my shows," she says. "It's one of my favorite pitches so far, but I still have two more options."

Spencer in Westlake, Calif.: Hi, Kristin! Anything on Heroes?
For scoop, check back tonight for the Heroes Redux. In the meantime, one of my faves, Greg Grunberg, just shot a new PSA for his epilepsy foundation, TalkAboutIt.org, with the one and only Mr. Rachel Green, aka John Mayer, and we hit the set. Mayer tells us he got involved because "Greg is one of the most human celebrities in Hollywood, and I feel like I'm able to come to somebody as a person and say, 'Hey, talk about it.' " Some of Grunny's other pals taking part in the project are Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, James Denton and Adrian Pasdar. And of course, J.J. Abrams. Note to you Star Trek fans: Greg says he has a little "something" in the new movie that "you're going to have to find." So keep those eyes and pointy ears peeled!

Amy in Portland, Ore.: Is Jin really back on Lost?
He really is, and Daniel Dae Kim really is still a series regular. Yay! My source tells me "He's not going anywhere," meaning, off the show. But of course, Jin is going lots of places! He's stuck a good two decades in the past right now with preggo Rousseau. Our East Coast correspondent, Breanne Heldman, met up with DDK at New York's ComicCon (lucky girl) today, and he hinted that the Rousseau storyline would last for a while, saying, "She's around, let's put it that way." And get this. When asked if Jin will learn French, Daniel said slyly, "Who's to say he doesn't already know it?" We get the feeling he may already speak it, so this could be the beginning of une belle amitié (a beautiful friendship!) for young Rousseau and Jin.

Margo in Acton, Mass.: Will Jin and Sun reunite?
"Definitely," a source close to the show tells me. "And it may be sooner than you think." DDK says: "That, I think, you'll be surprised if and when you see it." I'm expecting lots of tears—onscreen and off (i.e. mine).

DapperGirl in Atlanta: Lost!
Lance Reddick (now on Fringe) tells us he's coming back to Lost in the Feb. 25 episode. So get ready for more Matthew Abaddon freakiness!

Max in Syracuse, N.Y.: On Lost, is it just me or does it seem like Charlotte and Daniel knew each other before they got on the Island?
Ding, ding! I think you're on to something. Here's what Rebecca Mader herself told me on their relationship: "They must have a history. Because it's like they just got to this island and all of a sudden they appear to have—he apparently loves her, he's in love with her, which is huge." Hopefully we'll find out about it soon since someone is kicking the bucket this week, and it very well could be Charlotte.

Mary in Miami: Will Charlotte die?
Rebecca Mader told me she's safe for now, but the emphasis was a bit too strong on the "for now" for my liking, and I'm hearing she may have been released from the show at some point to shoot a movie with George Clooney. (Yeah, we shouldn't feel too sorry for her if that's the case, but I personally hope she's sticking around!)

Brea in San Francisco: Do you know when Josh Hopkins will be coming on Private Practice?
Yes, Addison's new love interest (you know, the guy from Swingtown) will be part of a major storyline in March for five episodes.

Margaret in Seattle: I still cannot believe that Nate and Blair are hooking up! What will happen with Vanessa?
Jessica Szohr tells us, "Obviously, Vanessa's a little bit hurt because that's her boyfriend, but what comes around goes around, so I'm sure Vanessa will be all right." Looks like Queen B may be getting yet another lesson in karma. Will it humble her or cause her claws to retract? Of course not!

Frances in Boston: Will Dan and Serena's half brother make an appearance?
I'm told the tentative plan is to make him a major character next season. So that may put a big ol' nail in the coffin of what was once our beloved Derena. Anyone care?

Leslie in Hattiesburg, Miss.: Now that Ty's sticking around on 90210, will he be going after Annie?
That's what I'm hearing. Now that he's freed up from the baby-mama drama, Adam Gregory tells me, "He's the kind of guy who's going to take what he wants. He's not going to let anyone stand in his way!" And it sounds like Ethan won't see it coming either, since he's got a new somethin'-somethin' blooming with Rhonda (Aimee Teegarden). Dustin Milligan tells me, "It's looking like there are going to be some drastic turns for everybody's character? Ethan Ward gets to kiss everybody, remember that."

Taylor in Chandler, Ariz.: Is Jan ever coming back to The Office again?
According to Melora Hardin herself, yes. She just told me that Jan will definitely be back soon, and Melora is heading back to the set early next week to start filming. "I don't know what they're going to do with Jan or what the big plans are, but they've got some fun ideas." As long as she keeps her waxy paws off of Holly Flax's man, I'm all good with that.

Dee in Seattle: Any news on Brothers & Sisters? I'm getting tired of whiny Rebecca... love everyone else, though!
There's a huge two-part hospital episode starting on March 1 that leaves one series regular's life hanging in the balance. (If you've been paying attention, you know who.) As for "whiny" Rebecca, she'll be too late in telling the Walkers that Holly's figured out Tommy's big plans. Not good. I repeat, not good! Oh, and you know Kitty and Robert's baby-to-be is a boy, right? I hear they are all the rage for spring births.

Mario in Riverside, Calif: Chuck please!
According to cocreator Chris Fedak: "In upcoming episodes, we'll see what Fulcrum thinks is going on at the Buy More, not necessarily that the Intersect is there or that Chuck is it. Arnold Vosloo plays a super-badass Fulcrum agent. We'll get to see the inside of Fulcrum's headquarters, and it's like Tron." Sweet.

Mary in Portland, Conn.: I'm getting worried about Ugly Betty, please give me some scoop!
Michael Urie sat down for a live web chat yesterday afternoon and spilled the following: (Note: this was posted on ONTD this morning)

Bernadette Peters will be back.

Marc will have a new love interest coming in.

There will be more fun scenes with Marc, Betty and Y.E.T.I.

Wilhelmina's baby will be born "very soon and it's amazing."
And when asked if Ashley Jensen will leave the show (a story we broke here), Marc simply says: "I hope not."

Mia in London: Anything else coming up on Ugly Betty?
Mark Indelicato (Justin) just told us: "Someone turns evil—and someone is going to die." Hmmm, too bad he couldn't quite remember when this death will happen! Mark said to expect it at the end of the season or at the end of a few episodes. Guesses?

Lisa in Columbus, Ohio: Are Evan and Cappie ever going to bury the hatchet on Greek?
Not likely! The rivalry between Kappa Tau and Omega Chi is still going strong, especially when the K.T.'s steal a "campus treasure" and the two fraternities have yet another showdown! But let's be honest, who would want these two buddied up? Look for lots of their usual back-and-forth in the new season.

Marisol in Escondido, Calif.: Can you tell us any more about Olivia Dunham's connection to Massive Dynamic on Fringe? I'm intrigued.
just asked Fringe cocreator Roberto Orci about that at the WGA Awards on Saturday, and he's obviously excited about this plot development. He asked, "Do you have any pictures of yourself as a child? Do you have maybe a picture of yourself with a Mickey Mouse hat? That's a corporate symbol. If you looked at a picture from your childhood you might find that you were tied to a corporation from before you could even walk or talk." And then, of course, there's also the fact that Massive Dynamic birthed Olivia in a Brave New World-style hatchery. (I'm kidding about that last part! I think...)

Andrea in Cambridge, Ohio: Kristin, do you have any "Sammeh" scoop for me on Supernatural?
We just talked to the always-endearing Jared Padalecki about his new movie, Friday the 13th. In addition to teasing that his Friday character is unique in the horror pantheon because he's a secret cross-dresser, he told us that Sam Winchester is definitely dancing with the dark side this season. Will he go full-on bad? According to Jared, "I think it's kind of like Neo or Luke Skywalker—he has a choice, dark side or light side. He has to decide." As for the demon temptress in his life, Jared's take on Sam's feelings for Ruby is this: "Parts of him are in love with Ruby." Just the dirty parts? We'll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, be sure to check out Friday the 13th when it premieres, yes, this Friday, Feb. 13.

Drea in New Orleans: Kristin, are you sure that the new Supernatural brother will only be in one episode?
Yes. Any guesses as to why? My source says it's too juicy to reveal.

I know we love spoilers, but I'm sorry that Kristin's writing is so annoying
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