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friends warn geri halliwell: don't push fabrizio away!

Friends fear Geri Halliwell’s whirlwind romance with new fiancé Fabrizio Politi, an Italian multi-millionaire, could fall apart if she’s not careful. It's not the first time the mum-of-one has rushed full steam ahead into love.

Geri's been devising a new diet and exercise regime for her 34-year-old Italian stallion and sends him notes expressing her feelings.

But past boyfriends are said to have grown tired of how much Geri, 36, talks about herself.

"She’s into self-help and will discuss her feelings for hours," reveals a pal. "In the honeymoon period of a romance that might go unnoticed, but it could soon start to grate."

Geri’s spokesperson said last week that the couple are simply planning on "enjoying their engagement" and that there are no wedding plans yet. This is hardly a surprise as they only met in December and they’ll no doubt take some time to get to know each other better.

"She must temper her needy and controlling behaviour, which was a disruptive factor in her past relationships," says our source. "When she was with Chris Evans, she went through his fridge and threw out foods she thought were bad for him. She had no idea he’d find this intrusive and just thought she was being helpful.

"Having Bluebell’s mellowed her a bit, so maybe at this stage in her life she’s ready to face those compromises and commitments – time will tell."

A stylist who went round to Geri’s house recently reveals that the star has a surprisingly open attitude to nudity.

"Geri stripped naked and started rubbing moisturiser all over herself," he tells NOW. "It wasn’t a sexual thing – she just has a strange attitude to nudity and doesn’t realise some people might find it embarrassing."


oh, geri... ily, bb.
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