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Here's the Lady Gaga question you've always want answered!

Okay, so you know how Lady GaGa never wears pants? Well, apparently she has an excuse. She told Rolling Stone: “My grandmother is basically blind, but she can make out the lighter parts, like my skin and hair. She says, ‘I can see you, because you have no pants on.’ So I’ll continue to wear no pants so that my grandma can see me.” source

& pictures from her performance last night in Paris


& some newly found/released pictures from a photoshoot and the Eh Eh video


This post is not done yet. Here's an interview she did with Entertainment Weekly

"For a little while, I thought girls were just jealous, which is why they were mean to me. Maybe they were jealous of my fearlessness. But I think I genuinely used to rub people in the wrong way. I'd talk about things and do things that were very ostentatious, and over the top, and very vain. And it's part of my artistic aesthetic. I think you're born an artist. It's like being gay. You're born gay, and then you discover that's who you are over a period of time in a world where maybe being gay is not the normal thing. Then you look it in the eye and you say thank you, and you put it in your heart and you lock it up and you go. When you're 12 years old and making clothes with plastic flowers attached to them, and trying to choreograph shows at your school that are entirely too sexy -- you start to be like, Okay, this is my aesthetic. My aesthetic is in so many ways exactly the same as it was when I was younger, I'm just smarter. And I know how to execute the ideas. And I have a bigger budget."

"Being a woman in the pop world, sexuality is half poison and half liberation. What's the line? I don't have a line. I am the most sexually free woman on the planet, and I genuinely am empowered from a very honest place by my sexuality. What's more primal than sex? I mean, it's so honest. If I didn't think I had the talent to back that up, I wouldn't have done it."

"I just don't feel that it's all that sexy. It's weird. And uncomfortable. I look at photos of myself, and I look like such a tranny! It's amazing! I look like Grace Jones, androgynous, robo, future fashion queen. It's not what is sexy. It's graphic, and it's art. But that's what's funny: Well, yeah, I take my pants off, but does it matter if your pants are off if you've got eight-inch shoulder pads on, and a hood, and black lipstick and glasses with rocks on them? I don't know. That's sexy to me. But I don't really think anybody's d--- is hard, looking at that. I think they're just confused, and maybe a little scared. It's more Manson to me than it is sexy."

"If somebody said to me, 'What you do isn't art,' I would say, They're right. Yes it is, no it isn't, absolutely, perhaps, it's irrelevant, it's important...that's what this is all about, really. For me, more than anything, I want to do something important. It's gotta be important. If it's coming out of my mouth, if it's going on my body, if it's going on TV, it better be important."

"Just because I have underwear on in a video -- you could say that's "Justify My Love," that's Britney in her "Womanizer" video, you could say it's Grace Jones.... Women have been taking their clothes off in videos since the '80s. Lita Ford. Dale Bozzio. Blondie. I mean, not to be so direct, but I just think that people need to come up with better references than Christina and Gwen and Madonna all the time. There's so many other artists that have been provocative for decades."

"I'm not trying to prove to anybody that I'm going to be here for 30 years. You either are or you're not. You either have passion for it, or you don't. It's either important for you to stop, and buy a condo, and have babies, and marry a rich actor, or not do any of that, and continue to make music and art, and die alone. Which is what I'll probably do."

"I don't care what f---ing contest you win. To stay on top, you've gotta be a certain kind of person. The contest is the contest, there's a winner and there's a loser. But the winner is going to fall off the face of the earth in a month if they don't have the real genuine drive and heart. I just, I don't think it's fair to drag people down about how they got there. I'm of course very confident in the way that I got here, and I feel that it prepared me, and at six o' clock in the morning on my 23rd hour on a video set, I dig way down into my soul and I find that place where I was born to be an artist, and it carries me through. I am everything about what I do. Every marrow in my bones and blood is for this work. GaGa is the greatest creative journey of my life."

I like what she said about American Idol. Her new song Fashion should come out soon, I can't wait!
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