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Cheryl Cole hits the LA party circuit

In the UK, her turn as a judge on the X Factor has made her a household name.

But among the many stars celebrating at last night's Grammy Awards after-parties, Cheryl Cole merely stood out as a pretty face in a rather bizarre dress.

The Girls Aloud singer hugged a triumphant Duffy, who was enjoying her double awards win.

But clearly Cheryl was in LA to see and be seen as she continued her bid to advance her flourishing television career in the US.

Although Duffy was dressed in an eye-catching red mini-dress, it was Cheryl who stood out in a white mesh dress which bared quite a bit of skin, save for some strategically placed opaque cloth.

Cheryl attended the party with a man, thought to be one of the television executives she has been having talks with in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old arrived in LA at the weekend after she was spotted at Zuma deep in conversation with two American men who were trying to convince Cheryl there was big demand for her on their side of the pond.

There have also been rumours Simon Cowell is fighting to take Cheryl to the States on the heels of her impressive appearance on X Factor last year.

He is said to have hired lawyers to sort out the paperwork required for a US work visa, which has been made more complicated by her 2003 assault conviction.

A source told the Sun: 'He’s certain he can turn her into a global star, but he just needs to iron out her visa problem.

'He’s employed a firm of experts in Miami and is confident they will be able to reach some kind of arrangement.'

Cheryl spent time in Los Angeles this time last year shooting the Passions of Girls Aloud series, which saw her feature on will.i.am's single Heartbreaker.

Source - Daily Mail
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