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'Incredibad' Producer Expects to go Gold

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Anyone familiar with "Saturday Night Live" knows who Lonely Island is. The rap group birthed from three of SNL's cast members (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) has already had their comical hits on display with their latest track, "I'm On a Boat," featuring T-Pain on the hook.

Another producer on the album is J-Zone. Zone recently spoke to HipHopDX regarding the track "Santana DVX," adding that his song on the album, also featuring E-40, could very well earn him a gold plaque.

"These dudes are funny as shit, take it from the former court jester of rap," J told HipHopDX. "If they go gold, I get a gold record, and I want one. I damn sure ain't sell enough J-Zone or Chief Chinchilla albums for a gold record (maybe a wooden 8-track tape), so this is my only shot at putting something on my bare walls besides an old Muhammad Ali poster."

The album features a slew of guests, including some Grammy winners and some surprising acts.

"The album also features Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Norah Jones, Sly & Robbie, DJ Numark and more, so I'm in prestigious company," J-Zone added. I can relate to [the video] "Jizz In My Pants". That happened to me in Wal-Mart last week.

Their album, Incredibad, is in stores Tuesday through Universal Republic.


And here's the explicit version of 'I'm On A Boat' which I don't think was posted.

Take a picture, trick
I'm a boat, bitch
We drinking Santana champ
Cause it's so crisp
I got my swim trunks
And my flippy-floppies
I'm flipping burgers
You at Kinkos straight flippin' copies
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