IVY (thefinchster) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

If Rihanna Had Performed at the Grammy Awards...

This is what she would have wanted.

(February 6, 2009) Rihanna is raising the bar for this year’s Grammy ensemble after receiving acclaim for her two Zac Posen stunners last year. Below is what her stylist has been in search of for her big night courtesy of the e-mail Chic Report was accidentally CC’d on.

Hi [Redacted]

Rihanna’s on stage performance at the Grammys, this Sunday February 8 has a rocked out vibe. She requested super skinny jeans. Billy Idol is our muse. The craziest, studded, distressed , mirrored pieces you have. Over the top. Denim, leather, color scheme is lightest jeans to black to silver to bright colors. Jackets & vests … Details like studs, crystals - all the crystals on TW are brilliant & would read great on stage.

[Redacted] most over-the-top, one of a kind pieces …

We fit Ri tomorrow at 2pm in Beverly Hills.

Let me know what you can do.

Do you have anything that would work?

lol too bad we'll never know how "over-the-top" the performance could've been, but can you imagine? Also, everyone is saying the abuse victim is Rihanna, have there been any ~real confirmations? And if it really was Chris Brown, why the fuck would he have bitten the poor girl? hahahah

edit - for some reason I answered my own question when I walked to class; I thought maybe he was trying to pull an Edward Cullen, and Rihanna was NOT down for that ~Twilight shit lol

Oh and even if she did give him herpes, that's no excuse to hit a woman. I feel bad for her :/ Even something as serious as an STD, he should've controlled his temper and not hit her. But this is all speculation, so whatever.
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