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Tony Romo talks Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson will love Tony Romo even if he stinks
by Tim MacMahon

Babe Laufenberg, the Ch. 11 sports chief and Cowboys radio analyst, is a hardcore football man. But part of his interview with Tony Romo that aired on The Score last night might end up on the pages of US Magazine.

When asked about the criticism that has come his way, Romo volunteered that he dates someone who gets ridiculed pretty often. He revealed that he sometimes debates with Jessica Simpson about which one gets ripped worse. Isn't that cute?!

Minutes later, Romo shrugged off a question about the downside of playing quarterback for the Cowboys.

"I surround myself with people that, if I suck, if I go out there and just stink and I can't do anything any more and get replaced by [Laufenberg] going forward, if that's what happens, OK, well, I know that these people are still going to care for me and enjoy the person that I am and at least know that I worked as hard as I could," Romo said.

Laufenberg, who threw six picks and a garbage-time TD during his brief time as a Cowboys backup, pointed out that Romo would have to really suck to get replaced by him.

Videos of the interview can be found here: Tony Romo's Exclusive Interview - talks about Jessica
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