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Eh,A year Later and She's Still Talking..

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Natalie Cole's Winehouse worry

Natalie Cole has stood by her comments criticising Amy Winehouse for her drug use.
The jazz singer, daughter of Nat King Cole, took some flak two years ago for lashing out at Rehab singer Amy.

"I got into a bit of hot water for what I said about Amy Winehouse and I still say it again," she said. "I'm an ex-drug addict and I don't take that kind of stuff lightly."

Whatever, her comments were more judgmental (looking down on her high horse) type of thing.

Natalie's last year comments after the cut.


“I don’t think she should have won. I think it sends a bad message to our young people who are trying to get into this business, the ones who are trying to do it right and really trying to keep themselves together,” said Cole, 58. “We have to stop rewarding bad behavior.”
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