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News on Rihanna

Eyewitness At Hospital: "I Could Hear Rihanna Screaming"

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Chris Brown filling up the car just hours before allegedly fighting with Rihanna... in the very same car.
[tube_fiend note: Isn't this the picture TMZ was saying was taken AFTER the assault? But Radar is saying it was taken BEFORE the assault. Which would make this whole thing a lot less confusing.]

A source inside Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has confirmed exclusively to that pop star Rihanna was in fact treated there for injuries, allegedly inflicted by her boyfriend R&B singer Chris Brown. Since Brown's bombshell arrest on Sunday, there has been widespread speculation that the victim was 20-year old Rihanna. Now, can confirm it's true from an eyewitness who saw her inside the hospital.

The eyewitness tells "It was some time after 12PM PST [Sunday] and I had been waiting in the ER department corridor when Rihanna was brought through the back entrance on a gurney, flanked by two LAPD officers. It was impossible to know it was her at first because when they wheeled her past me, she had the hood on her fuchsia-colored sweatshirt tightly drawn round her face and she was wearing big brown sunglasses. They took her into room 14 which was opposite me. It had a six-foot glass door but the nurses drew a privacy curtain around it."

"I knew the person was famous because of all the attention she was being given by security and medical staff. However, they didn't draw the curtain all the time and I was finally able to make out that the woman they had brought in was Rihanna. She was lying in bed. While the two police officers waited outside, Rihanna was seen by the doctor. When he left, a plain clothes officer in a mismatched suit went in.
I figured he was a detective because I saw the handcuffs in his belt. He stayed in there for about an hour."

"When he left, Rihanna's two female assistants went in to see her and a private security guard stood outside. The police officers were given room 10 to use which was close to Rihanna's.

"Rihanna was clearly very upset by what had happened and I could hear her screaming. Rihanna was trying to get her point across about something, she sounded like she was crying as she tried to get to put her point across."

"Her staff was also very shaken by what had happened. Later on I saw one of the assistants crying into the shoulder of the security guard. I left at 4pm, happy to get out of the place, something terrible had clearly happened to Rihanna."

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Chris Brown balls himself up and covers his head in a black sheet in the back seat of his attorney's car.

Brown was booked Sunday night on a charge of making criminal threats and was later released on $50,000 bail. Police say he remains under investigation for felony charges of domestic assault. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 5th.

A publicist for Rihanna would only issue this statement: "Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support."


The title of this article is a little misleading, as the alleged eyewitness doesn't really specify if she was shouting in anger or screaming in pain/fear/etc as the title implies.
Either way, I think CB's press release earlier is very telling. "He's a good guy, but human." Because, don't ya know, sometimes ya just gotta smack a bitch. It's human.
Stupidest press release ever.
UPDATE: Apparently, CB's statement is not entirely reliable. We don't know for certain that it came from his camp.
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