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Michael Urie did a live chat thingy yesterday

Basically he just answered some fan questions, and since the video is 30+ mins and kind of crappy quality, here's a summary:

Ugly Betty:
- Loves the current season cause he enjoys doing scenes with Becki & America (Would like another scene with Justin sometime)
- Favorite guest stars were Bernadette Peters, Patti Lupone, and Betty White
- Lindsay Lohan was "fun, spunky, sexy, and cool" and they got along with her well on set
- Doesn't know whether Cliff will be coming back, but says Marc will be having a "little bit" of something in regards to his love life coming up
- 8 more Marc & Amanda Webisodes are in the process of being produced (this was also confirmed by one of the main writers of the webisodes, Brian Tanen, in the most recent Ugly Betty podcast, which can be listened to here
-Wilhelmina's bb will be born soon and it's "amazing"

- His favorite movies include Billy Elliot, Batman, E.T., and Almost Famous
- Agrees that he should be the next Riddler
- His favorite show is LOST; sad that Pushing Daisies is over cause he loved that too
- Went to the Teen Choice Awards last year to do a bit in which he was Gossip Girl, but it got cut
- Becki Newton makes really good Lasagna and baked goods
- 3D doesn't work for him cause one of his eyes is "a little crooked"
- He was mauled by a dog
- If he wasn't acting, he'd be homeless
- He'll try to get Becki to do the livechat with him next time

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