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Sarah Harding: Nicola Roberts wants my party animal crown

Sarah Harding
reckons Nicola Roberts has become the wildest member of Girls Aloud.

The singer, who’s dating DJ Tom Crane, loves going on a bender with the redhead, 23.

‘At the minute Nicola is trying to pinch my crown as the party animal,’ she jokes.

‘I have to say once that girl has a few drinks inside her, she’s totally mental.

'If I want a proper night out, Nicola is always my partner in crime. No one’s safe.’

But for now, Sarah, 27, is content working on her cottage renovation in Buckinghamshire with Tom.

‘I’m so happy,' she says. 'There’s one side of me that loves to party, then there’s this other side which craves peace and quiet and to be surrounded by nature.’