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Are you ready for a korean post?

Lee Min-ho, Goo Hye-sun, Kim Bum do LG telecom

What about the orange-haired Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Joon who make up the rest of the F4 crew? Who cares.
LG Telecom was smart enough to focus only the hottest of the cast from hit series, “Boys over Flowers” for their newest campaign targeting teens, called, “Teenring.” So the smoking hot, Lee Min-ho, cutie Kim Bum and too-old-for-school Goo Hye-sun will be appealing to the hearts of young mobile phone users.

As for Kim Hyun-joon and Kim Joon, both boys have been edged out in the campaign (see below).

Sister is hotter than Girls Generation’s Soo-young

Generally, the reason why stars are stars is that they are better looking than than their siblings. But not in the case of Soo-young of Girls Generation. The older sister, Choi Soo-jin (right), with her big doe eyes, high cheekbones, creamy skin and easy smile, can easily steal the limelight away from her younger more famous sibling.

The sisters were featured on the MBC program, “Star’s Friends” on February 7th. After the program, we wouldn’t be surprised if an entertainment company wanted to sign her up.

Lee Min-ho’s official site crashes

Hot commodity, Lee Min-ho has his official site up and running. However, when a news report came out with the aforementioned announcement on February 7th, the sudden deluge of visitors flooding the site caused it to crash. Who would have guessed that the F4 leader of the hit drama, “Boys over Flowers” would be so popular?!

The Lee Min-ho site opened on February 5th.

Girls Generation’s Taeyeon smiles despite accident

Ah, the perils of performing on stage. Who knew it would be so dangerous?

After being banned from KBS program, “Music Bank,” Girls Generation performed their second stage on February 6th, 2009. However, something went amiss when the pyrotechnics that were supposed to shoot up into the air somehow misfired into Taeyeon’s face (top in yellow). Luckily, she was ok and the show was able to go on.

So it was back to smiles for the 9 girl group. They topped the Music Bank charts 4 weeks in a row with the infectious sounds of “Gee.”

Watch the fan cam by Taeyeon HK

BoA featured on z100

BoA makes it onto z100.com, and that's BIG NEWS. For those of you who aren't in the tri-state area, z100 is the largest and greatest music station, with towers located on the Empire State Building in NYC. Their reach is actually farther than that, as I believe they have their show broadcasted to Florida, as well as a few other states. Anyway, it's definitely huge to be featured on z100, as I believe they are the nations largest radio station. Definitely GOOD stuff for BoA, as her full US Album is just around the corner (March 17, 2009).

SMTOWN LIVE is a HIT in Bangkok

The February 6th SMTOWN LIVE concert in Bangkok, Thailand was a huge success. With a turn out of about 13,000 fans, barricades protecting the artists on stage were nearly torn down, as fans pushed to get a closer look at the stars.

In attendance at the concert were SHINee, Jang Ri in and Super Junior members. And for once, the crowd out numbered the sheer mass of Super Junior, amazing! Although it's partly due to Shindong shedding off a few million pounds, which is also amazing.

U-Know Yunho is Ultra-Lickable

As if he wasn't delicious enough before! U-Know Yunho celebrated his 23rd (24th by Korean count) birthday during the SM Town concert in Bangkok, Thailand. His fellow SM brothers ganged up on him. Shindong from Super Junior held his arms, Micky Yoochun smashed a cake into his face, and Changmin made sure to rub a handful of cake into his hair too. Unless this crazy fangirl gets to him, this sexy beast is going to need plenty of shampoo tonight.

Happy Birthday U-Know Yunho!

Korea’s most desirable bachelor and bachlorette

KBS did a poll for the most desirable bachelors and bachelorettes among Korean celebrities.

Number 1 went to G-dragon from Big Bang and Taeyeon from Girl's Generation! In 2nd was Xiah Junsu from DBSK and Kim Taehee, and 3rd went to Yunho from DBSK and Yoona from Girl's Generation.

Men voted for Taeyeon because she's cute, vivid, and fresh. Women stated that they prefered G-dragon's responsible style over manliness.

For the vote on most eligible dating partner it went Micky Yoochun (DBSK) (sdjhfghasfsdf.), G-dragon (Big Bang) and Xiah Junsu (DBSK). As for the women, it went Taeyeon (Girls' Generation), Tiffany (Girls' Generation), and Nam Gyuri (SeeYa).

SOURCE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Enjoy the post, haters, you know your place.

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