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Rupert Grint / Cherrybomb News

Earlier this month, interviews began appearing online from a cast question and answer session with the Cherrybomb cast, directors and crew – including Rupert. Please note that this content contains some spoilers for the movie

Q: Being in Harry Potter for so many years Rupert, was it weird to do a low budget movie?

Rupert: Yeah, but I really enjoyed it because it�s a totally different world. Everything is so much smaller. I think we get a bit spoilt on Harry Potter because we have fancy dressing rooms and stuff like that. But there is actually a lot more waiting around (on Harry Potter) so I prefer the pace of films like Cherrybomb. On this you do seven scenes a day and they are really quick days and it is exciting.

Q: Going back to the beginning, how were you cast? Did they approach you, did you read for it? Did you just want to do a more adult film?

Rupert: [Laughing] Yeah�it just came to me and I really loved the script and I met Lisa in London and did a little screen test. And then I flew out to Belfast and did some rehearsals.

Q: You hadnt been in Belfast before, how did you like it?

Rupert: It was nice to be out England and somewhere different. I really enjoyed it, we had a really good time.

Q: How did you find getting the accent?

Rupert: I was a bit worried about it because it is such a strange sound and a real challenge but we had a dialect coach, Brendan Gunn, who made a CD and he put all of our lines on to it, so I was always listening to that on my iPod. Hammering it in.

Q: And your role, is that the one you would have chosen?

Rupert: Yeah, I do like Malachy. I saw quite a few similarities in him in me, so he was fun to play. And I liked the fact that he takes a back seat and looks up to Luke as he always gets the girls.

Q: Malachy has a different background to Luke as well�

Rupert: That was important. Malachy has a home life, which is good. A nice family and he does well at school. They are opposites in that sense.

Q: How was working with two directors?

Rupert: It is a different dynamic, a different way of working, because you have two people to talk to. And they were very clear. We had this week of rehearsals and we went through the whole script and really got into the detail of it. And I think the edgy look of Luke and Malachy is down to Lisa and Glenn. It took a while to get used to the quiff, and the dyed eyebrows and eyelashes!


Q: Mark Huffman (Cherrybomb producer) said that the most difficult scene to film was the one in the swimming pool?

Rupert: Yeah, that was a long day! Me and Rob had to do a fight scene and wrestle each other into the pool and it got quite out of hand because we�re fighting and scratching, it did get pretty violent. Plus we had to do so many takes and in that pool it got really cold. So it was probably the hardest day I have ever done.

Q: I know you have done a couple of other movies as well as Harry Potter but this is your most adult film yet, how do you feel about that?

Rupert: It is the most adult thing I have done and there are so many things going on � the drug taking and there is a bit of romance, so yeah it�s different. It�s good, it�s good.

Q: Do you cringe at the thought of your parents seeing you in this kind of role?

Rupert: There is a scene that is going to be hard to watch with my nan and my family (laughs) but I think it will be okay. It is pretty tastefully done.

Q: And this is an ensemble cast, the three leads and two dads, you all worked closely together throughout the whole movie didn�t you?

Rupert: Yes, definitely and on top of that each character�s got their own story and arc and change. Some of us grow up a lot throughout the film.

Q: Is there a message to be sent out to the youth of the world through Cherrybomb?

Rupert: It does deal with modern issues, like drugs and it�s a coming-of-age story especially for my character because I grow out of that lifestyle and realise there�s more to life than messing about.

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