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Boys Before Flowers/Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden post

BOF 2nd Soundtrack In The Works & The Possibilty Of F4 Singing Together?

The production of a second soundtrack for KBS drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is in the works.

On February 5th, A ‘Boys Over Flowers’ representative stated that, “Currently the production of the second soundtrack and a few singers are being discussed,” and “The singers haven’t been determined yet and there is a possibility that the cast will be participating in the soundtrack.”

The ‘Boys Over Flowers’ soundtrack has been enjoying immense popularity, topping various music charts. SS501’s “Because I’m Foolish” is competing for the top spot against Girl’s Generation ‘Gee.’ Ashily’s ‘Lucky,’ T-Max’s ‘Paradise,’ SHINee’s ‘Stand By Me’ and others are also sharing the spotlight. Four to five of the tracks even ranked among top ten on one popular music chart.

Due to such overwhelming results, the idea of a second soundtrack gained momentum. Furthermore, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will undergo a change in the content from Episode 13 onwards due to broadcast on the 16th because they believe the time would be right.

“The production of a second soundtrack is highly likely” said a persons concerned, and adding “The problem is getting the actors to sing.”

Consequently, the idea of the F4 forming a group is gathering public interest. In the Taiwanese version, the main characters were part of a group and up til now they were active as a group.

However, the F4 singing together is receiving a large amount of negative reaction. The reason being because Kim Hyun Joong is part of SS501 and Kim Joon a member of T-Max already. The participation of heroine Koo Hye Sun is still unknown.

“The F4 get along very well but also had negative views about singing and pursuing group activities. Each one is active in different fields and because they’re already part of assigned groups,” stated the representative.

Introducing: the Chinese F4

Here comes the new F4.

The Chinese F4 has now been selected for the fourth adaptation of the famed “Hana Yori Dango” manga. And fans of the franchise are not happy.

Instead of getting popular actors within the region to play the lead roles, the China production opted for no-name newcomers. Yu Hao Ming and Wei Chen, both pop stars, are the only ones “recognizable” among the F4 bunch.

It was once reported that Super Junior’s Hankyung was the top choice to play one of the F4 members. But China’s new favorite boy had to turn down the offer to prepare for Suju’s upcoming third album.

The title of the latest “HYD” adaptation will be called “Meteor Rain” (a reference to the Taiwanese version, “Meteor Garden”). And instead of the romantic idol drama format that all the versions have been following, the Chinese version will change the plot and turn it into an “inspirational drama”.

I have seen all the versions of this drama but I I’m going to take a pass on this one. It could be due to the lack of good looking boys. Or the fact that they are changing the story.

Yeah, it’s the lack of good looking of boys.

Time for a comparison chart, yes?

Alas! Our seemingly too-good-to-be-true Lee Minho has a painful secret.

Due to a 2006 car accident, Boys Over Flowers star Lee MinHo has an iron rod in his right thigh and knee. The accident injured his leg so badly he cannot take on action roles. He revealed that as a male actor, he had to hide the pain of this weakness. He was even up for a part in "Swallow the Sun" but had to pass because of the action scenes.

His doctors advised the overnight sensation to be very careful because if something were to happen to the bone, he could lose the use of his right leg completely. He spent several months in the hospital after the accident and even though it has been three years since the accident, he's still in the healing process. After filming wraps in April, Lee MinHo will undergo surgery to remove the metal rods.

Sometimes when Goo JunPyo is walking around it seemed like he was tottering or shuffling. I thought it was purposely done to enhance the character's obtuseness but I guess it really does hurt, especially in the cold weather. His manager compares the pain to what an obese person's throbbing knees would feel like.

The whole cast is covered in surgeries including the plastic kind and accidents. Is there anyone on set who didn't need medical attention at one point or another?

sources: F1F2 & F3

This post is Kim Bum approved.

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