'Housewives' hits 100 + Eva at the set

During five seasons of Desperate Housewives, kids have grown, neighbors come and gone, romances blossomed and withered. The actresses at the center (seen here as they were when it all began) share their thoughts with USA TODAY as it hits 100 episodes (Sunday, 9 ET/PT). Eva Longoria Parker:

- Did the 100th-episode flashbacks bring back any memories?
"I feel like we did the pilot yesterday. It doesn't take much for me to go back to the beginning."

- With Gabrielle Solis now a mother, will she show her glamorous side, which returns in Sunday's flashbacks, in future episodes?
"Yes. There was such a demand from the audience to get her back to glamour, so (creator Marc Cherry) said, 'She'll be glamorous.' You'll see some really funny things she has to do to lose weight, get back in shape and get the money situation back on track. It's not like she becomes glamorous in one day." Going forward, "it's going to be a mix of the new and the old Gaby. She is going to resort back to her material ways, but at the same time being a mother and wife, which she didn't take seriously before."



Source: here at www.evaphotos.org