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franz ferdinand & girls aloud members bond over bad tattoos

Cheryl Cole impresses Franz Ferdinand with her tattoo love

FRANZ Ferdinand star Paul Thomson has told how stunning Cheryl Cole fell in love with his neck tattoo.

The Girls Aloud singer was blown away by the huge rose design on the drummer's neck.

Now, the X Factor star is begging her husband, Chelsea footballer Ashley, to get one just like it.

Paul and Cheryl, 24 - who has a number of tattoos including a rose and barbed wire design circling her thigh - bonded over their tats when their two bands shared a studio.

Thomson, whose band shot to fame with Take Me Out, said: "I had a chat with Cheryl about tattoos. She thought neck tattoos were sexy and said her husband should get one.

"She was really nice. I don't think she was coming on to me though."

Cheryl has a neck tattoo of her own - the words Mrs Cole.

There was speculation she would have to remove it after Ashley was caught cheating on her with hairdresser Aimee Walton last year but the pair have since patched up their marriage.

Cheryl also has a butterfly on her lower back, a tribal design on her hand and an unidentified tat on her left buttock.

The X-Factor judge hasn't ruled out getting more body art and said: "I absolutely love my tattoos. Next time Girls Aloud get a No.1 I want us all to get one. I want us to get something that only makes sense if we stand together in a line though."

It won't be Ashley's first tattoo either - he has Chinese lettering sketched on his right bicep.

Girls Aloud recorded a cover of David Bowie's Sound And Vision with Franz Ferdinand when they briefly shared the Xenomania production team.

The Glasgow rockers eventually ditched the recordings but joked they made off with the master tapes for the new Girls Aloud album.

Singer Alex Kapranos said: "What did I take from my time there? Some crockery, some silverware. All the Girls Aloud master tapes."

The band's new album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand will be out this month.


her tattoos are so trashy, yuck

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