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Beysus Didn't abandon Pooch

The reports appeared on the Internet, where it was stated that the singer had dumped her dog Munchie with staff at her record label in New York a year ago, after growing tired of his misbehaving ways.

After PETA heard the allegations, it decided to check them out, and was happy to announce that Beyonce had not abandoned her pedigree mutt at Columbia.

'We've had an up and down relationship with Beyonce over her past fur-wearing, but lately it's been on the ups, as she hasn't been seen in fur the past two winters,' Contactmusic quoted a spokeswoman for PETA as saying.

'We were happy to learn from Beyonce's rep that, as we suspected, the Munchie tale is far from the truth, and that the dog hasn't even been to the record company's offices in months,' she said.

The singer's publicist told the PETA researchers that Munchie was 'a pampered pooch whom everyone adores,' adding Beyonce and her cousin, the dog's main caretaker, were 'still crazy in love with him'.

'Because they travel quite a bit, Munchie is usually left with family or friends. Never at the record company,' the spokeswoman said.

Tbh I just wanted a reason to post this gif

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