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Pete Talks Amy Winehouse

Pete Doherty has said Amy Winehouse’s improved health is spurring him on to change his own ways.
Talking to the News Of The World ahead of the broadcast of 24 Hours With on MTV One this Sunday he spoke candidly about his friend.

Pete talks about football, prison and a very famous ex-girlfriend

A rather abstract Pete said: “She (Amy) had gone deeper and deeper into a black place. She needed a bright light. And that bright light turned out to be the sun.”
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Wino is currently in the Caribbean staying away from her Camden haunts and is apparently drug free.

Doherty also told the paper he’s looking for love. He said: “I don’t want her to be famous, just rich… Actually I’m not that shallow. It’s not about money just looks!”

Our MTV show follows Pete at his country home and as he heads to London to model in a fashion show.

He also hooks up with old mate Carl Barat for a gig. Sound pretty unmissable if we do say so ourselves…

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