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Battle of the Teenage Stars: Cera vs. Gordon-Levitt


There's a rumble brewing in the Sundance snow.

As we told you earlier, we had the good fortune of running into our fantasy man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, en route to the premiere of his short film, Sparks. The film stars Carla Gugino and Eric Stolz, is an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard short story about a seductive failed rock star who may or may not have burned her own house down.

As a filmmaking debut, JGL has done himself proud. There were definitely some storytelling issues and performance missteps but JGL served up an absurdist, experimental, visually innovative piece that is a great starting point for his directing career.

That, however, was not an opinion shared by Michael Cera.

Everyone knows not to talk about the films right after a screening since the chances of one of the filmmakers overhearing you isn't just high, it's probable.

But that didn't stop Mr. Superbad. As we left the theater, we overheard Cera talking smack and laughing with his friends about Sparks, saying it was the least interesting of the seven shorts shown and generally lacked anything impressive or memorable.


Funny enough, earlier in the day we heard Joseph praising Michael (even though he dissed other things).

JGL admitted he wasn't really a fan of Cera's (personal issues perhaps?) but he admired the fact that Cera, "took a script as annoying as Juno and made it into a good piece of work."

Yes, it's backhanded, but it's still a compliment.

Boys, boys, you're both pretty. Play nice!


Team JGL


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