I May Be Metrosexual, But That's Not a Sin!

Bunch of random personal pictures of Ryan Conklin from Real World: Brooklyn! Now with many appearances from his boyfriend Chet, boring Scott, cuties Sarah and Baya, JD who smiles weird, and Devyn's pitstains.

lol nice rainboots chet. nice man capris jd. thank god for ryan in the bg!!

j.d. really smiles weird in all of these pics

the hotness of sarah i can't wait to see why she gets a chair thrown at her

god scott is boring. "i really think he's starving"

nice pit stains, devyn. way to rep the kcmo.

did you notice what was similar in all of those pictures cause thea nswer is that it was hiding someone amazing. why is he so amazing?

ryan and the reeg

yeah this is def. chet and ryan - chet has the normal fanny pack and ryan has a few more pics of him as the joker

now some luv for the chet fans:

oh hai anthony rapp. and nice hair, scott.

if you look at the bottom of this pic, it totally looks like chet has some saggy tits, i'm just sayin

Baya and Ryan - mmm that hamburger looks good

lol my fav

one of those guys from the sopranos idk i didn't watch that show


kay bye hope you liked my post!!

Source: Ryan's MTV I Am On MTV Profile, gifs by moi