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Damon and Carlton discuss S5 of Lost

There will be another original song by the band Geronimo Jackson. Apparently writer Eddie Kitsis has become something of a Geronimo Jackson expert, and while his research has found that several of the original band members (including "Keith Strutter") have gone missing, they were able to clear this new song for broadcast on ABC. Holler.
Why does Christian Shephard wear white shoes on the Island? This question will be answered definitively in season five.
Don't expect Ben to get a love interest anytime soon; do watch the section where Damon riffs on Ben's Facebook profile.
The four-toed statue will be revisited in season five, and explored more extensively in season six.
They killed Alex because, says Carlton, they were "looking for a way to create a moment of sympathy for Ben." And Ben is, make no mistake, out for revenge.

Someone was able to see the first two episodes of Lost and they had this to say for it
"Lots of Sawyer in the first two eps. Lots of his naked chest, too. Lots of Hurley, and as for his chest, it is covered...with a very funny T-shirt. Sayid also has mucho screen time in both episodes, though he sleeps his way through one of them. Literally. And Daniel Faraday emerges as a huge player in season 5. The eps are dotted with cameos and extended cameos from peripheral but important figures crucial to the Lost mythology and much-loved by the Lost fan community. A polarizing character from Lost’s past returns, earns some redemption by participating with wit and humility, and delivers one of the best lines of either episode. Once again, all things Ben just rock. And if you're familiar with the rather disturbing crush that Doc Jensen happens to have on a certain rarely-seen Lost someone, then you can imagine how I swooned when I saw her re-appear at long last in the second episode."
More spoilers
1. Jack and Ben are right where we left them last Spring, in the funeral parlour with Locke, and this season's action will start there.

2. Several important questions will be answered right off the bat, including why the Oceanic 6 must return to the Island, exactly what happened when Ben moved the Island and what Sun meant when she said that she and Widmore had common interests.

3. Remember The Arrow Station, where the tail section survivors hid from the Others back in year 3? We will revisit it and be informed of its very interesting purpose pretty early on in the premiere.

4. At least three people will be killed in the first act.

5. Sayid and Ben seem to be on especially bad terms.

6. Several characters who we've watched die will make return appearances.

6. Sawyer is shirtless for all 42 plus minutes of the first episode.

7. Daniel Faraday and his life's work play a pivotal role in the premiere.

Here are a list of the first 10 episodes of Lost
Episode Title: Because You Left
Centricity: Multi-Centric
Episode Title: The Lie
Centricity: Rumored Hurley

Episode Title: Jughead
Centricity: Unknown
Episode Title: The Little Prince
Centricity: Unknown
Episode Title: This Place is Death
Centricity: Unknown
Episode Title: The

Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Centricity: Rumoured Locke
Episode Title: 316
Episode Title: LeFleur
Centricity: Rumoured Sawyer

Episode Title: Namaste
Episode Title: He's Our You
Centricity: Rumoured Sayid

Spoiler: Most Tragic, Runner-Up: Kate and Sawyer

As far as Sawyer knows, the freighter blew up with Kate on in it, and that's making him extra-unreasonable and angry. He says two telling things in the premiere: "I wanted to make sure she—I wanted to make sure they got back to the boat. Doesn't matter now, does it?" and "Everybody I care about just blew up on your damn boat. I know what I can't change." Uh-oh...Is season-five Sawyer a man with nothing left to lose? (Don't go kamikaze, dude! We need you!)

Most Estranged: Kate and Jack

Has Jack finally given up on Kate? At one point during premiere Jack announces that he and Kate are no longer even friends, and he seems pretty firm on that point. How could he forget that Jack and Kate are the original Lost BFF?

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