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Diablo Cody "Fat Katy Perry" blogs, admits she's lame

Current mood: Carpal Bridge-and-Tunnel Syndrome

Dear Friends,

It's been a real honey of a year. Well, aside from the demise of Astroland, the loss of Barnabas and the time my friends and I thought we had AIDS for 24 hours.

However, we elected Obama (a great thing, in my estimation), Starbucks introduced Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (or as I like to call it, "Diabetes Semen Remix") and I guess the Olympics were cool even though I haven't watched them since I was a kid and I'd cartwheel past the TV while Kim Zmeskal pummeled the mat. On a personal level, I got ShamWow! for Christmas.

(Did you know that Vince from ShamWow! actually wrote a comedy "film" as well? We should hang out. Maybe he'd like to be a male liason to the Fempire. We could spill stuff all day and he could clean up after us.)

Truly, though, it was an exciting year, and I love and frequently think about you guys. I hope you're all doing exactly as you desire and tuning out the static.*

*For those who are unsure, static sounds like this:

"It's a very competitive field. You will probably never be (insert goal.)"

"You need something to fall back on."

"You need to be more realistic."

"You can't be (blank) and also (blank)."

"You blew your chance."

and my personal fave,

"You're not talented enough."

Now for some administrative details: Please check out my Twitter feed (diablocody) because the beast is awake. I will also be doing exclusively Tara-related Tweets, starting soon. That account is called DiabloOnTara. I am going to be Twittering live during episodes as they air. (It'll be like Pop-Up Video only even lamer and more meta.) As far as I know, I am the first show-creator ever to do live commentary, and I don't expect Chuck Lorre or David E. Kelly to be jumping on this train anytime soon. So I may be the first and only.

Remember: Speed kills, Ripple cripples, and creating a TV show gives you methface. Exhibit A: the bleary-eyed beast in the video embedded below.

Don't worry, I got some rest. See, all better! Well, as good as gets anyhow.

(They're like, "Move along, please, Fat Katy Perry.")

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