My Email Chat with Michael Lohan!

Ok, so I was reading ONTD last night when I came across the post telling of a new Michael Lohan Blog so I decided to check it out. There was a contact gmail address so I figured I would send him an email, just to see if he would respond. AND HE DID!

My Email to Him:


You will never have a good relationship with your daughter if you act more like a villain than a father figure.

Be a man, not a seemingly selfish individual who instead of supporting and being happy for his daughter, is instead joining all the other people who are trying to bring her down.

She is your daughter. Your own blood. So start acting like a father.

- V

His Response: to me
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Is a villain someone who wants to keep people of a negative influence out of his daugther's life. A perosn who wants to protect her from and obviously unhealthy relationship which has brought her life and career to an all time low! 'inday is a good hearted gifted and blessed human being..The saying ':ow me who you walk with and I will tell you who you are",wasn't sais for no reason.. Much the same, if you surround yourself with garbage, you will smell like it,but if you surround yourself with good you will shine1

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-Love the awful spelling and missing letters. Obvi emailing and driving. He doesn't even need Sam in his life to be "Dangerous" bahaha ENJOY!
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