Coco Arquette: Jennifer Aniston is Nouna!

Courteney Cox (in Marc Jacobs) works the red carpet at the premiere of Bedtime Stories at the El Capitan Theatre on Thursday (December 18) in Los Angeles. The 44-year-old Friends star recently opens up to UK’s Mail on Sunday:

On making her marriage to David Arquette work: “I get shocked by people getting divorced all the time, that’s why I choose to work on it. Therapy helps us. It’s so easy to grow apart; marriage takes work. I suppose you can work it out by talking to each other - I would just prefer to have a referee, it reminds us why we’re together.”

On her 4-year-old daughter’s obsessions: “Coco’s favorites are Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, she’s totally into princesses.”

On her holiday plans: “Christmas is insane in our house. I say: ‘Let’s buy Coco one good toy,’ but he wants to buy her 900 presents. Our compromise lands closer to David.”

On her BFF Jennifer Aniston also spoiling Coco: “Coco calls her Nouna, which is Greek for godmother; they see each other and play together every weekend. The other day Jen came over with her yoga teacher and Coco stuck it out for an hour doing yoga with them!”

Courteney next stars in the Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler, opening Christmas Day.