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First 22 minutes of Watchmen screened

Two reviews of the Watchmen footage screened at Butt-Numb-A-Thon X which was held on December 13-14 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.

"Watchmen - So it was only the opening 22 minutes, but this easily might be the best film of 2009. The fighting was downright pitch perfect and elating that it feels so damn intense. The director of 300 in just its opening 22 minutes aloneshow that he has progressed well past this previous effort. Gone are the complete reliance on green screens and in this outing you can tell the focus is to mix practical and digital as much as possible. It’s this effort to create a fully fleshed world versus the wall to wall CGI of 300, that makes Watchmen shine. The trailers only give the slightest tease of the tone and how this one plays out. The film itself unfolds very assured and seems to have a perfect flow early on, despite a very sprawling initial storyline. Exceeds the hype, wow!" -- Blake,

"Jackie Earl Haley (Rorschach) brought the first 22 minutes of WATCHMEN with him, and if I was a little worried before I'm not at all now,  squid or no squid . This felt very much like Moore's and Gibbon's WATCHMEN with chunks of dialogue taken directly from the book. Yes, Rorschach's Journals are in there, full of the misanthropic loathing that we know and love. Hollis Mason is pimping his book and Dan Dreiberg still listens to those stories. The opening credits are marvelous,  introducing the characters and the world, effortlessly setting up the story to the notes of Bob Dylan's "The Times Are A Changing."  "It's very scary playing a guy with a fucking sock on his head," said Haley at the Q & A, but he needn't have worried. He embodies Rorschach completely, and Haley admitted that the character was a hard one to shake. Without having seen the entire film, I don't know if his performance is awardsworthy, but from what I saw he is off to a hell of a start." -- Nordling, AICN

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