more fall out boy drama!

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Posted by the drummer Andy on his Twitter,
involving Pete, of course...

the show in detroit was great. but it was ruined by someone afterwards. some woman, older i think, who said her husband was sick, and that
pete needed to sign something for or whatever (because sometimes everyone expects fucking everything from us), called our security guy, and
my best friend, dre a 'fucking black asshole'. if any of you know who that was, or see her, tell her to come to our next show and find me
kind of shit if you ever hear it. knock these people the fuck out. i hate them.
again. will it change her mind? no. but that wasnt gonna happen anyway.
yeah, i just explained 15 thousand times that i was venting. i have the right to vent. and i do think someone like that
should be knocked out.
if you dont agree, thats cool. im getting off here for tonight though, everyone. sorry. its not helping when ppl are telling
me i cant vent on here and not understanding that im OBVIOUSLY not going to kill, or even fight this person

you guys are reading it, and you are all very intelligent, and can tell real from pissed off, i think. but youre right. im sorry
dre was getting pete into the van. doing his job. thats it

i am the better person. and i think that everytime this kind of venom is spit at someone, you attack them back. being a bigger
man will never change someone like that's mind. i came on here to vent, and try to get it out, and now some of you are really making me
feel like fucking shit. i probably wont be on here for a while. im really bummed out about this. my views on violence werent the point
i was blowing off steam. this isnt a fucking rolling stone interview. this is YOU guys, who ive believed in and youve made that belief so
strong. but now i dont know what to think. my friend was attacked by someone. i will fight, kill or die to defend my friend. by any means
necessary. i will not back down. ever. maybe ill talk to you guys soon

i dont want anyone to go out and fight obviously. but, please, everyone...always stand up for yourself. always. if you need to punch someone
then do it. we are not made of glass. sometimes it is called for. goodbye-a


EDIT: You can only write 200 characters on twitter, I just put it all together to make a little more sense of it, but I know it's still hard to read. I just wanted it in his exact words.