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THE star of top German TV show The Farmer Wants A Wife has been accused by animal rights charity Peta of sexually abusing his chickens.
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Seventy-one-year-old nudist Hansi was shown using his finger to sexually stimulate his female birds on the final episode, broadcast on Monday night to 8.6million viewers.

He explained: “I do what the cockerel would usually do, only with my finger. It is like an orgasm for the chicken.”

The gruff farmer added: “Hansi is always happy when the chickens are happy.”

A Peta spokesperson told German newspaper Bild: “This behaviour is an offence and is not acceptable.”

The pressure group also lodged an official complaint.

Hansi – famed for walking around in nothing but his wellies – has become an unlikely TV hero in Germany.

He was looking for a new bride after his nudism caused first wife Elsa, 71, to leave him.

She said: “When I found out that he regularly went to nudist beaches, I divorced him.”

But an unrepentant Hansi claims: “My wife was such a prude. She wouldn’t do the gardening topless even once and she drank too much for my liking.

“So I just looked at the naked ladies on the beach instead!”

The Farmer Wants A Wife, based on an old British TV series, involved nine men looking for Mrs Right.

Unsurprisingly Hansi’s search was one of the five that failed – with his choice of lady, Marianne, walking off after seeing his chicken-pleasuring routine.

She raged: “You always hear jokes about what lonely farmers do to their animals.

“I am disgusted. This is not my world.”


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