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Shia and his effed up hand drop out of The Dark Fields

A source confirmed to E! News Friday that the severe injury the Eagle Eye star suffered to his left hand in a July 27 rollover crash has forced him to pull out of his latest film.

"Shia’s hand is totally shattered; it’s much worse than anyone thought," the source said.

The 22-year-old LaBeouf, who was able to work around the injury to complete filming on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, dropped out of the upcoming technology-themed thriller Dark Fields. Production had already been delayed thanks to its now former star's medical issues.

But at least it looks as if a solution is in sight.

LaBeouf, who already underwent one extensive surgery in the days immediately following his accident, requires a second procedure to further repair the area around his thumb.

The Dark Fields sounds like an interesting story. I wonder who will replace Shia.

Though tbh, I'm not sure if I believe this story because 1) it was first reported by Fox News and 2) because his hand brace thingee seems to be supporting his middle and ring fingers more than his thumb. But whatever, it is getting passed around the media outlets and I wanted an excuse to use my xmas icon but Zac won't come out of hiding.


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