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Inside the Actor's Studio: Daniel Radcliffe

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

- Loads of defining moments in his life have happenned in baths.
- He explains his dyspraxia.
- Shooting Quidditch scenes used to be painful.
- He cried when he saw the first finished film.
- Attributes his sad-looking face to his pale jewish northern irish heritage, which is probably what makes him look sad and depressed.
- "I watched 'Y tú mamá también' before we started shooting PoA... which was fantastic as a 14-year-old. I was like 'no, no, no... this is research!"
- "Mike Newell is the most English man I've ever encountered in my life".
- "The Harry Potter series is not a Democracy".
- "He (Ralph Fiennes) is one of the few I've been really... kind of... scared by. He's very intense and very tall and he kind of looks amazing".
- "The bookshops in midnight on the eve of release would be a very unwise place for me to be".
- Discusses the psychological aspects of his role in Equus.
- "(About NY audiences) They're amazing, they list even more, they pick up on everything... you have fantastic audiences in this country".
- "My friend said to me 'Aren't you worried about getting an erection on stage?' No, that would be great".
- Wants to make a good comedy.
- Freaks out when he's left alone with the students.
- Thanks the audience for 'being cool'.

Favorite word: Verdurous
Least favorite word: Mediocre
Turns him on: Bath tubs
Turns him off: Unprofessionalism
Favorite sound or noise: A cricket ball hitting a cricket bat at 90 miles, hitting off to the boundary, it's wonderful (While he said this he had these dreamy/proud eyes going on)
Hated sound or noise: The one a pencil makes when you're writing with it and the end breaks off but you find yourself dragging the pencil for another bit across the paper. And also the sensation.
Favorite curse word: Bollocks.
What other profession he'd like to try: Journalism
What profession he wouldn't like to try: Mining
What would he like to hear when he arrives at heaven: "Bet you're surprised to see me!" (Because he's not the most religious person). "Or we'd be chatting there and He'd be smoking a pipe in front of the fireplace and He'd say 'Isn't it amazing we're the same height?'"

(Asked by a student)
"Would you like to play Napoleon eventually?"
"That would be awwwwwesome, man. Ok, I'm sharing this with you because I feel we're grown to like one another and this is probably the stupidest thing I have ever said and it's an embarassing one. I was at a night shoot once and it was very, very cold and Will, who's my best mate, he's in his forties and is an amazing guy. It was very cold and he put this dressing gown on me right between the shots and I sort of held it like that and I was like 'hey, look. I look like Napoleon'. And he said 'yeah you do' so I said to him 'Will, what was Napoleon's first name?' And he looked at me and he said 'It was Napoleon', to which I replied 'What? Napoleon Napoleon?'. I will have to do some research if I ever play him".

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