in response to the Creed getting punk'd post

This post:

I was actually the girl who was goading him into coming up to Gainesville. I have pictures from the night and I'll post them soon. I was actually going to recount the tale on here but haven't had the chance.
(I still plan on calling him up and saying - "You were Punk'd!!!")
(Oh...and I'd like to post his phone number on here, but I'm sure that's not allowed.)

You're right about most of what you said in your post, only there are a few discrepancies.

1. He met my friend in an airport bar IN Orlando. He was kicked out of the bar for drinking too much and later kicked off of his plane for being disorderly. He, being completely self absorbed, didn't stop to think that the girl he met in the airport bar might, just might, have boarded a plane already. When he called my cell phone, thinking it was her, he couldn't understand why "she" was not still in Orlando. That's where the fun began.

2. He did not leave after being punk'd at Denny's. It was not until the following morning did he realize he had been tricked. He made me and my friend drive him to where the girl supposedly lived to look for her (his ego was hurt THAT badly.)

3. Someone followed us from Denny's (an ACTUAL fan of his) and Scott had him make purchase of some cocaine for him. I, thinking I could rob him, invited him back up to my apartment. His sister got a hotel room after being angry all night...apparently she was much smarter than he. All I got the chance to take was his boarding pass from his Miami to Orlando flight, some of his klonopin, three copies of checks his girlfriend had written from his account -2 for plastic surgery centers in South Florida and one for their Cingular Wireless account, and a song book he had scribbled some instrumental instructions in.
He ended up staying up all night doing coke, making up listening to his fucking HORRIBLE cd, and walking around in his underware claiming that coke makes him "so horny".

4. He had a prescription to Lexapro (an antidepressant) in his bag.

5. He was the most annoying self centered troll man I have ever met in my life.

6. My friend (my roommate) is actually mad at me for punking him. Everyone on this list should reply here stating why she has no reason in the world to be mad. Scott Stapp is a fucking bitch.

I'll post more details and pictures of the night later.

Anyhow, glad to know it was appreciated by everyone. I actually didn't think that many people knew. I thought he had some actual fans there that night.