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Megan Fox vs. Megan Gale for Wonder Woman

MEGAN Gale might want to keep the whip at the ready to fight off an online challenge by comic geeks keen to lasso Transformers star Megan Fox into her role as Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros, the US studio behind the stalled production of Justice League Of America, in which Gale is signed to star, has been forced to deny web reports and a convincing poster campaign which features Fox as the lycra-clad super-heroine.

Fox, rated as one of the sexiest women in the world, was mocked up in the movie-style trailer which teased fans this week with political-type slogans, including, "It's time for a new 'W'" and an Obama-esque "A real change is coming".

But the rumour on wonder-who.com has been exposed as a fake produced by comic fans attempting to force studio executives to cast Fox over Gale.

The campaign was deemed credible in movie gossip circles, given the trailer featured the company logos of Warner Bros, Legendary Pictures and DC Comics.

However, London's The Guardian newspaper exposed the fan fraud in a blog entitled: "The week in geek."

Confidential yesterday sought Gale's comment over the cyber push to unseat her from her Wonder Woman role, but her publicist said her Justice League contract with Warner Bros prevented her from speaking on the controversy.

"Megan has an agreement with Warner Bros that she cannot comment on details of film projects that she's been linked with and she has to respect that request," her publicist said.

The movie's Australian director George Miller did not return calls, but has previously backed Gale as his first choice to debut as the alter ego of character Diana Prince.

"She got the job because she blitzed her screen test. I had no idea she was so good. She was brilliant," Miller told Confidential in August.

"Once she read we all looked around at each other and said, 'Well, there's no question.' "

The success of Batman movie The Dark Knight and issues over local film subsidies have contributed to the Justice League project being put on hold.

While Warner Bros is still committed to making the all-superhero movie, Gale revealed last month it had to be put back.

"Batman (the central character in The Dark Knight) is part of the Justice League and so there are a lot of other things that have to be taken into consideration before they shoot," she said.

Gale, the brand ambassador for David Jones, is also planning to firm up her contacts with studio executives and directors with another trip to Los Angeles this year.


I don't rate Megan Gale as an Australian 'celebrity' at all but provided she can act, she would be a much better (and hotter!) Wonder Woman than Megan effing Fox.

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