LOL Duffy sets her hair on fire


The Welsh-born singer has revealed the embarrassing encounter with the Coldplay frontman which took place at a concert in Cleveland, US, last week.
She said: "I was in the dressing room and I had dimmed the lights, then I lit this candle and it started melting a bit.
"I thought, ‘S**t!' and started blowing it out. I got a cloth to wipe it and bent down, not realising it was still lit. Then the entire left side of my hair went up in flames.
"At that moment Chris was walking down the corridor to say, ‘Hi'. I hadn't met him before and the place stank of burning hair. Somebody came in and said, ‘Is someone cooking chicken?'
The singer managed to cut the "black crumbs" out of her hair, but struggled to cover up the stench before Chris came in to greet her.
She added in an interview with Britain's The Sun newspaper: "It was really bad and properly embarrassing. Chris could smell it. You couldn't avoid smelling it.
"Can you imagine if I had gone up in flames? Nightmare. I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes."
Duffy's new single ‘Rain On Your Parade' is released on November 17.


this has happened to me, and its mortifying. i feel her pain.