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Bond star, Daniel Craig, Open To Offers From Bollywood

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Picture this, 007 agent Daniel Craig shaking a leg to a Bollywood song and belting out trademark Hindi dialogues.

This might no longer sound unreal as the new Bond has shown eagerness to make a debut in Bollywood.

"I am open to offers from India but unfortunately till now nothing has been put across me by the film fraternity of India," Craig told PTI in an email interview.

The actor, however, admits that he has not seen any Indian film so far but he is overwhelmed by the love of Indian fans.

"Till now I haven't been fortunate enough to get hold of an Indian movie. But yes, I will be very honoured and excited to work with an Indian actor or actress on any given chance. I also feel very obliged for the immense popularity which I enjoy in this part of the world," he says.

After making his presence felt with "Casino Royale", Craig would be seen in an entirely new avatar in "Quantum of Solace", which is releasing in India on November 7.

"Quantum of Solace" will be releasing in India a week before its release in US.

"People would witness the biggest roll-out for any Hollywood film in India since we will give our audiences the thrill of experiencing 'Quantum of Solace' even before the US and due to some distribution strategies," the actor says.

He also hopes that the film will find favours with the audiences in India.

"Bond films have always been liked by audiences world wide and we expect that it would rule the box office and hearts of Bond fans too."

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