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Lauren London Makes Her Way To The Most Famous Zip Code

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A member of the CW’s “Beverly Hills 90210″ production team has exclusively dished to TheYBF.com that Lauren London has just joined the cast. So our fave YBF chick Lauren is headed back to the classroom and will likely be Tristan Wild’s (who plays “Dixon“) love interest. Hmmm….looks like I have a reason to actually watch that show past the first 2 episodes. I can only take so much of Tristan’s character falling in love with every Becky and Jane on the show.

We put in a call to the CW’s Casting Office and our story was confirmed. Her character’s name is “Christina” and she has already shot 2 episodes. They would not “confirm or deny” the love interest though or give an exact date of her debut. They did say that her character will def pop up before the end of the season.

A source has also told us that the network just added on 9 new episodes–extending the first season from 13 episodes to 22.

Source: http://theybf.com/index.php/2008/10/31/ybf-exclusive-lauren-london-heads-to-90210/
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