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Circusgate 2008 Bitchfest begins...

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The cover art for Britney's upcoming studio album Circus was released Friday afternoon, and fans, to say the least, have mixed emotions about the cover. OK, let's face it... the cover kinda blows. I mean, a lot of you legit thought Britney.com was playing a Halloween joke on you.

I'm ready for Hurricane Britney Fans to go bonkers and incessantly defend the cover - as if not liking the cover makes you less of a fan. True, there are some of you that do like the cover, and I want to laugh at you respect that - I mean, anything after Blackout's hideous cover is definitely an upgrade. Though few of you do like it, many of you don't. It's OK, embrace it; you're still a fan - and one with an opinion! If we all thought everything Britney and/or her people did was cupcakes and rainbows, then we would probably have lost interest 9 years ago.
I too have some issues with the cover / tracklisting. Instead of being hostile and immature like I normally am, I figured a nice list of things they fucked up on would be more appropriate. Don't consider this calling her label out. Read this as constructive-criticism that hopefully the higher-ups will take into consideration. One thing I love about us crazy bitches is we have a voice - why not utilize it!

Drum roll please...

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