Katya (kasha_g_sahhn) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

David Tennant Leaving Doctor Who?


The Guardian, a reputable media source in the UK, just posted an article on their front page saying that David Tennant was "confirmed" to leave Doctor Who after the 2009-2010 Specials. The text of the article follows:

"David Tennant has announced that he is vacating the Tardis and leaving the BBC's Doctor Who series at the end of next year.

Tennant's decision brings to an end his popular four-year tenure as the time lord.

The BBC confirmed that the Scottish actor will complete the filming of four special episodes to be screened this year and in early 2010, as well as 2009's Christmas special.

More details soon..."

The original link has mysteriously disappeared. But, you can see a blurb about the article on the Guardian's search site here.

So, has the Guardian jumped the gun and leaked a major story too soon? Is this proof that the story is false? What do you all think, because I would be seriously gutted if David leaves. He's just such a sexy beast.

Edited: it seems that David is leaving because Hamlet might make a move to Broadway, ala Equus. This news comes from a source on OutPost Gallifrey: "Well, we knew he was to be the Doctor untill 2010 and the last special will be aired in 2010, so technically , it scorrect. However the matter of Hamlet going to Broadway seems to have been too much for David to resist. I had heard a little bit in the last few weeks that he had reconsidered and that HAMLET was the reason"

Final edit to compound our grief: the Beeb has confirmed the story.
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