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because the world needs moar of these two sexy latinos

This year has been a different summer in Hollywood for actors from television. After the prolonged strike by screenwriters which forced many series to interrupt their filming for months, production was resumed at full speed with little time to rest. The actors of CSI: Miami are among those who have worked all summer long.

Adam Rodriguez, Agent Delko on CSI: Miami, the most popular TV series in the world, is looking to travel abroad again. Eva La Rue, the officer Natalia Boa Vista, is "in love" and hopes for the next romantic getaway with her fiance Joe.

In this interview, we talk about their favorite destinations and give a brief overview of what the city of Los Angeles can offer its visitors. Exclusively for Spain, the two actors tell us what they did on their last vacations.

Eva, tell us about your last vacation.

Eva La Rue: My last vacation... That had to be Christmas, right? That was virtually our last break.

Adam Rodriguez: Yes, we had our last vacation... then the screenwriters' strike.

Eva La Rue: Wait, no, Easter! We had Easter. And, really, it was fun because I give a feast in my house. My aunts, uncles, cousins, all of whom come from Southern California where they reside... months in advance, all these preparations...

Adam Rodriguez: In my family, we don't doa nything of that sort, not since I was a kid.

And what about vacation getaways? South Africa, Eva, huh?

Eva La Rue: Well, my fiance and I flew to Zimbabwe last May to visit the Victoria Falls. Once there, we did a half-day safari on the back of an elephant, then took a helicopter tour, which was impressive. We were there for five days, and we fell in love with the place. Even the food was amazing.

And you, Adam?

Adam Rodriguez: I usually go to New York, to my childhood home. I stay with my family, doing anything. But the latest holidays were when we had the screenwriters' strike... just enjoying the longest break we ever had.

A new city, a new beach washed by the sun... what's your favorite destination?

Adam Rodriguez: A small mix of everything. And I do not mind early!

Eva La Rue: Me, too - I like both. When I'm somewhere for the first time ever, I'll visit the city. And then, I'm off to the beach!

How would you describe Los Angeles as a holiday destination for someone who has never been there?

Eva La Rue: I think we have it all! We have the mountains, we have skiing, we have the ocean...

Adam Rodriguez: Yes, you can go surfing, skiing, and exploring the countryside.

Eva La Rue: Everything is just a couple hours away.

Adam Rodriguez: Yes. California is, in fact... There is nothing like California. It has really natural parks...

Eva La Rue: And wine tastings.

Adam Rodriguez: Yeah, everything you can think of.

Where's the best place to stay? Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood?

Adam Rodriguez: I like Santa Monica.

Eva La Rue: Santa Monica.

And what about the places to eat in Los Angeles?

Adam Rodriguez: There are plenty of good restaurants.

Eva La Rue: Yes, it's difficult to choose.

Adam Rodriguez: It depends on what you want to eat.

Eva La Rue: And that changes, you know? It's difficult to recommend one place or another, because Los Angeles can be a bit unstable. A place can be in this week and out the next. Therefore, the best advice probably is to ask your hotel when you arrive, and they'll tell you the hottest place of the moment.

Do I need a car here for vacation?

Adam Rodriguez: Yes, definitely.

Eva La Rue: There is no way to avoid it. We do not have good public transportation.

Is LA a safe city?

Adam Rodriguez: Yes, it is safe. I have never been afraid. You know, it's like anywhere else. Some areas are safe, others are not, but overall, Los Angeles is a secure place.

Eva La Rue: It is very safe.

Any plans to travel soon?

Eva La Rue: Costa Rica. I fell in love with Africa, but I think Costa Rica will also be completely fantastic.

Adam Rodriguez: I'll go to some places. Sweden, Monaco, London, and Italy.

Eva La Rue: Have you been to Sweden before?

Adam Rodriguez: No, it'll be my first time.

Eva La Rue: It's unbelievable.


I can hardly stand how sexy they are.  The only reason I watch CSI: Miami is for them in hopes that TPTB will love me and give these two a steamy sex scene.

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