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Weekly Spoiler Chat!

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Rumors are flying that Gossip Girl's Serena (Blake Lively) and Blair (Leighton Meester) are hooking up, that 90210's Kelly (Jennie Garth) and Brenda (Shannen Doherty) are breaking up (and clawing up?) and what's this about Grey's Anatomy's Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Melissa George dabbling in a little same-sex somethin'-somethin', too?

Our weekly installment of all the juicy, inside TV dish you aren't supposed to know is right here—on shows like Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives and more—courtesy of your questions...


Magda in Los Angeles: There's a rumor going around again about Izzie being killed off at the end of this season of Grey's! Will there be no happily ever after for Alex and Izzie, aka the hottest couple on the show?

Reliable sources tell me those rumors are bunk and she won't be going anywhere. And for the record, Katherine Heigl actually seems quite happy with her storylines this season. When asked about the future of Alex and Izzie at the Peter Alexander boutique opening benefiting Hearts United for Rescue and Kinder4Rescue, Katherine told me, "There's nothing I can reveal, but it's been awesome. It's been really exciting for me and really, really fun, satisfying work. I love Justin [Chambers]! How can you not love Justin? Sorry. He is just such a doll. I mean it's weird—I've been working with all of these people for five years. They're like my family. I mean, I see them actually more than my own family! We have so much fun together." And I hear there is definitely more "fun" (of the horizontal nature) for Izzie and Alex up ahead!

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Is it true that Meredith will have a sexual history with Melissa George's character on Grey's Anatomy?
From the sounds of my frenemy Michael Ausiello's Q&A with Melissa and from what a reliable source tells me—"I'm pretty sure they did"—I'd place good money on it! By the by, though, I do find it amusing that this is pretty much the same storyline I'd heard they had planned for Cristina (Sandra Oh) a few seasons back, but the storyline was changed.

Diana in Alameda, Calif.: Anything on 30 Rock?
You can watch this week's premiere episode below! Also, more guest stars on the way: I hear that as a gift to Kenneth the Page, Tracy Jordan brings Harry Anderson and Markie Post to 30 Rock to playact the satisfying ending to Night Court that Kenneth (and the rest of us) never got in real life.

James in Gary, Ind.: On The Office, Ryan hasn't said word one since he got back. What's going on with him and his cracked relationship with Kelly?
Mindy Kaling herself tells me, "This might be a spoiler, but I think it's pretty clear that Ryan is only interested in the sort of sexual, physical relationship for Kelly—which I don't really know if Kelly realizes or not. But it seems that's the extent of it." Will Kelly ever find anyone who treats her right? "You will find out in the spin-off, The Kelly Kapoor Story. I was just told today." Sweet! Meanwhile, get the word on Michael and Holly's fate below...
Image and video hosting by TinyPicRachael in Liverpool, England: Dominic Monaghan on Chuck?
I'll be on the set of Chuck later this week while Dom is filming (as if they could keep me away), so if you have any Q's for him, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski or Adam Baldwin, email them to tvdiva@eonline.com.

Nelson in Denver: Any more scoop on Ryan Walker on Brothers & Sisters?
You will only hear this exclusive breaking news here, and I will only say it once: A source on the set tells me Luke Grimes is "soooooooo hot and sooooooo sweet." He started on Friday, and there's more B&S scoop in the spoiler section below...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Rebecca: I might be reading into this a little bit, but is there anything at all going on between Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, chemistry-wise? They seem much too touchy and flirty than best friends normally are.
You aren't the only one! We've received many emails regarding this rumor/theory, and a reliable source who works on the show says, "That's insane. No, we're not planning anything like that." Is it really so insane, though? I'm pretty sure the Gossip Girl book series ended with Serena and Blair kissing each other on the lips and murmuring, "You know you love me." (Saucy!) Regardless, I'm told Serena's brother Eric is the only one with any same-sex happenings in the works for a good long while. Disappointed? Relieved? Comment below. In the meantime, Blair and Serena will be getting some hot male action on the show in future episodes, courtesy of the Basshole (yee!) and Serena's new love interest, the hot artist Aaron Rose played by John Patrick Amedori...
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Kingsley in Montana: I cannot get enough of Gossip Girl this year. Spill!
I hear Lily has a deep, dark secret that is already in the works for next year, and it is going to have major repercussions. Guesses?

Frank: Is someone really going to be pregnant on One Tree Hill?
Yes. Also, they're moving toward a pairing with Julian (the movie producer, Peyton's ex) and Brooke. And Brooke is going to confront her attacker in a scary episode. Not silly Nanny Carrie scary but Psycho Derek scary.

Mikayla in Des Moines, Iowa: Any scoop on Ugly Betty that's not about LiLo?
Amanda moves in with Betty, and her first order of business as the new roomie is, naturally, to throw a rooftop rager (party, not temper tantrum). Meanwhile, Marc (Michael Urie) is back with his boyfriend Cliff (David Blue), and Cliff is begging for a little cohabitation. I also hear there maybe a surprising proposal (surprising even to the one who does the asking).

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Marina in Ukraine: Will the Observer stick around on Fringe?
Just asked John Noble (Walter Bishop) that very Q, and he would only say: "I hope the Observer remains around. I'm sure that people won't let him go if he wants to stay, and I think he does." Post in the comments if you want to keep him...

Eliza in Boise, Idaho: Anything on Bones?
Hockey legend Luc Robataille guests in an upcoming episode, and Seeley Booth even gets on the ice with him (which has to be thrilling for David Boreanaz). Also, the bad news about the upcoming storyline with Booth's brother is that Jared and Brennan make out, the good news is that...uh, Booth and Bones will probably get together eventually? (I'm trying here!)

Gregory in New Hampshire: How about some big love for Smallville? What can you say about Lana?
Lana comes back a very different and stronger person, and her real reasons for leaving via video message will be revealed. Also, mark your calendars: The Doomsday stuff during November sweeps is awesome.

Susie in Ft. Collins, Colo.: Loving 90210. Any scoop?
Looks like real life is bleeding into the script! Sources tell me that Brenda and Kelly's relationship is going to get very difficult, to the point where they discuss just ending their friendship and all the drama. I'm also told the producers are not opposed to a few verbal (or otherwise) jabs being thrown in before the season is over, which clearly would not hurt the ratings.

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Heath in Los Angeles: Any hope for Annie and Ethan? I hate to say it, but they've sucked me in.
Actually, look for a new love triangle that includes Annie and Naomi—but not Ethan! There's a new fella on the scene at West Bev High, and he strings along both ladies.

Mel in Houghton, Mich.: Anything on my new favorite Heroes couple, Daphne and Matt?
This week Daphne will be faced with a terrible choice: kill Matt or be killed herself.
(Check back for tonight's Heroes Redux for more.)

Laura in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina: Will Sylar and Claire or Peter and Elle meet up again on Heroes? I really like their dynamics, and I would love to see them on my TV again.
Ask and ye shall be happy: Claire and Elle go to Pinehearst Industries HQ tonight, where they will cross paths with Peter. Sylar is also in the building, but he's hanging with another character altogether.

Jenny in Toronto: Are Micah and Molly ever going to come back to Heroes? They were the cutest things.
Magic 8 Ball says: Outlook not so good. Micah and Molly are not necessarily gone for good, but the show is definitely focused on other storylines for the time being.

Jen in Tucson, Ariz.: Is Amy Ryan sticking around The Office?
Something tells me that last week's teaser of the big boss David Wallace finding out about Michael and Holly (Amy Ryan) dating will not bode well for the new happy couple. I hear that Michael (Steve Carell) soon will be telling everyone he's getting married, but that's not true, and Miss Holly Flax goes AWOL. Also, I might die a slow death if they don't bring her back to this show and let her be happy with Michael Scott, at least at the very end! Any one else feel me?
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Jones in New Orleans: Will we ever see Toby again on The Office?
I hear he may pop back very soon! (See Holly-AWOL spoiler above.) I'm also hearing that Jim and Dwight will realize they have a common enemy, a female in the office, and it's not someone you would suspect.

Joe in Cupecoy, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles: You never talk about Without a Trace! Can I please get a little spoiled about what they have in store for us come fall sweeps?
Sources tell me Ben Savage will guest star in the episode airing Dec. 9, "Cloudy With a Chance of Gettysburg."

Rachel in New York: While I rejoice at the coupling of Lyla and Tim on Friday Night Lights, I can't help but wonder about the real best couple, Matt and Julie. Any hopes they get back together?
Do you see them canoodling with anyone but each other? Do you see those vintage Mulie shy smiles on their faces every time they're together? Do you see where I'm going with this? Do you see the smile on my face?

Toni in Chisholm, Minn.: What's the word on the Friday Night Lights after-show you're hosting, Live From Dillon?
Unfortunately, it won't be happening because of some unforeseen contractual issues (not involving me). So sorry! I was so looking forward to it just as much as you.

Art in San Diego: What's the deal with Tom and the cougar on Desperate Housewives?
The question should be: Does the cougar belong to Tom (Doug Savant)? Felicity Huffman dished, "Tom's going through a midlife crisis, and Lynette thinks the midlife crisis is going to end with a 25-year-old named Bunny and a divorce. So when we find out that the love interest is not Tom's but one of our sons', I think there's a moment of, Whew!" There's your answer!

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Maria in Albuquerque, N.M.: Anything on Desperate Housewives?
Carlos is unblinded by episode 10. Praise Jeebus! Also, a couple of the ladies dig into Dave Williams' past...

Sarah in Vancouver, British Columbia: Please show us some Terminator love! Now that the show's been picked up for a full season, got any juicy scoop?
According to Leven Rambin (Riley), "Towards the 13th episode, something very traumatic happens [with Riley]. She gets kind of depressed because she doesn't really get anywhere with John. She's upset that she can't emotionally get really attached to John. And he keeps wanting her to, and she just has this barrier."

Penny in East St. Louis, Ill.: Anything you can share on the Walkers?
According to Sarah Jane Morris (whom I adore, by the way), "Kitty and McCallister—Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe—are adopting a baby. We're shooting the baby shower right now, and it's very fun! Nora, Sally Field's character, has all these stupid games that we have to play." As long as Jan Levinson isn't singing Son of a Preacher Man, I'm there.
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Jim in Dunmore, Pa.: Six days and counting until the next episode of Brothers & Sisters. Please dish!
Next week Kevin and Tommy finally come to blows—serious, full-on, fist-fighting action. (Perhaps they can work out a little real-life aggression, if it, um, just so happens to be there because of, um, recent tabloidy news reports.) And we'll get our first look at Ryan Lafferty's father, George, plus the introduction of Ethan (Will McCormack) and Kyle (Eric Christian Olsen), who will be working with Sarah and sticking around for a good chunk of the season.

Clarisse in Sacramento, Calif.: Any CSI: NY spoilers besides for the 100th episode will be very much appreciated!
At the Peter Alexander opening, Kristin Cavallari explained her upcoming gig on the show: "I'm playing a girl who's an up-and-coming handbag designer. She's kind of in her prime and has everything going for her, and she gets involved in a crime scene investigation."

Lali in Glendale, Calif.: I am rooting for Privileged! Do you have any scoop, and is it going to stick around?
I met up with Joanna Garcia at the Susan G. Komen fundraiser for breast cancer research at Mulberry on Melrose Place, and she told me: "Megan's love life rounds out a little bit, and I get a little taste of the billionaire lifestyle." As for the series pickup, Joanna's trying to get it done: "I've already emailed Les Moonves, and I'm not lying about that. I'm like, 'Hey remember me? Come pick up our show!' " Yo, Les, listen to the girl!

Nicole in Fairbanks, Alaska: Didn't Sam get fired on Samantha Who? Is she just bumming around now?
Sam becomes a real-estate agent, leading her to meet and charm the pants off (literally) of Owen (James Tupper), a potential buyer. So Todd (Barry Watson) is out of the picture for now. And we'll finally see a nice side to Andrea, when she goes on a date with Todd's friend Seth.

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Candy in Nashua, N.H.: The Army Wives finale is in two weeks! Dish!
According to Sally Pressman (Roxy!), "I think the finale is about conflict—all of the relationships are a little bit tenuous, and then there's a big cliffhanger at the end. It's a big thing that involves all the characters."

Alyx in Pinole, Calif.: Any dish on Sons of Anarchy?
I talked to Maggie Siff about how the kuh-razy scene at the end of "The Pull." She said, "They're already pretty psychically entangled, but when you do the deed—a deed—such as that one, it has an impact." In other news, Opie needs to watch his back, because someone's about to paint a target on it.

Celeste in Denver: You never talk about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, what's the deal?
Kaitlin Olson
dished on an upcoming episode for you kids: "I know that we're doing a musical episode very soon based on the 'Day Man, Night Man' song from last year. It's a beautiful love story—there might be a little bit of incest involved—but other than that it's a really beautiful love story, so you should tune in." How...sweet?

Source: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b65685_spoiler_chat_are_blair_serena_going_gay.html


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