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VOTE FOR CHANGE, will.i.am, John C Reilly and more!

With only days until the Presidential election, please check out the Vote For Change Video Postcard campaign co-directed by artist Shepard Fairey and indie filmmaker Melissa Balin! This grass roots viral political action campaign is being produced by Melinda Esquibel, Amanda Fairey and Brandon Balin along with associate producers Bryan Rabin and Rose Apodaca.


One of the wonderful things about our election process is that no matter who you are or where you live in the United States of America, your vote can make a difference. A banker's vote carries the same weight as a skateboarder, a farmer, or someone who is unemployed. Everyone?s opinion matters- but only someone who exercises their right to vote ensures that their opinion counts. In light of this pivotal election season, new video postcards will be uploaded daily until the vote on November 4th.

We,ve gathered together a wide assortment of our friends, some who you may know, to share with you their uncensored views on how and why they are voting on November 4th. Launching on the internet and downloadable to social networking sites, iPods, PSPs and other mobile devices, the VOTE FOR CHANGE Video Postcards are powered by the people for the people.

Thanks for your support! Please tell all your friends!

This grassroots viral political action campaign could not have been possible without the help of The Brookturn Co., ObeyGiant, Subliminal Projects, Evolutionary Media Group, and DirtyChildren.Us.

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