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Amy Allen

These five series could be the first ones canceled this season

Now that the Fall TV season is officially underway, how are things shaking out with the freshmen and sophomore lineup? Although many of the new shows seemed promising, there doesn’t appear to be a runaway hit and a few are already showing signs of trouble. Click the cut to see the five shows we believe are in danger, or have already in fact been canceled. If one of them is your favorite, the time for campaigning to save them should begin immediately.


The Jerry O'Connell-Niecy Nash FOX sitcom "Do Not Disturb'" had the distinction of being the first show officially canceled this fall season. Centered on the upstairs/downstairs staff at an upscale New York hotel, "Do Not Disturb'" aired just three episodes before getting yanked from the schedule.


Things have just come too easily to Ashton Kutcher. Good looks, being able to prank big celebrities without repercussions, marrying Demi Moore. Jeez. So he was bound to fail at something. The Kutcher-produced game show "Opportunity Knocks," in which families around America are surprised with semi-truck full of prizes and a bunch of questions about their friends and neighbors, is it. The show was pulled after just three episodes. Ashton will bounce back, we’re sure.


The quirky, critically-acclaimed drama "Pushing Daisies," about a pie maker who can revive the dead just can’t seem to catch a break. Its first season was interrupted by the writers’ strike and now its second season’s ratings have been falling weekly (with viewership well below that of last year’s). Sure fans love it and want desperately to save it, but unless all the brouhaha turns into viewers, Ned the pie maker will find himself trying to bring the show back to life.


Production is reported to have temporarily stopped on the new CW show "Valentine," though plans for all full 13 episodes remain. But let’s face it, a starless show about a group of Greek gods who attempt to make love connections for regular folks just didn't ever seem to have much of a chance. And ratings for the CW's Sunday night lineup have been even less than last season for the failed "Life is Wild" series.


As with "Valentine," which has the preceding timeslot on Sunday nights, "Easy Money" also stopped production after just a few episodes reportedly to give the writers a chance to catch up. Sounds fishy, but this freshman show about a dysfunctional family of loan sharks got pretty good reviews, and it’s got Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie from “Roseanne”) going for it, so maybe it will manage to pull through.


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