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Michael Lohan: "I Regret All the Things I Said About Samantha"

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Michael Lohan has apologized for calling Lindsay's girlfriend Sam Ronson "a drug" earlier this summer.

"I definitely regret all the things I said about Samantha," Michael told New York magazine at a book party Oct. 21.

"I'm a Christian," he added. "I should not pass judgment on anyone."

In September, Michael went off on Ronson, calling her a "dark, hideous and a disgusting representation of humanity." Lindsay snapped back, calling her dad a "coward" on her MySpace celebrity blog.

Michael says he's now learned not use the media to reach out to his daughter.

"In the past, I felt that the best way to get to her was to speak out publicly," Michael said. "And it was the wrong choice."

Michael says he's in contact with Lindsay these days, and recently spent four days with his college-aged son, Michael.

As for providing more details on Lindsay's life, Michael is keeping mum.

"Family matters should be kept private," he said. "I've learned that now."


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