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x factor post

what did they sing and which acts went home?

order of appearance and song choice;

Girlband (mentored by Louis) sang Venus by Bananarama

In the VT they spoke about how stressful the competition was and the fact that theyd had an argument earlier on in the week

Dannii- 'campest opening to the show ever, i loved it, that was great'
Cheryl- 'first act on, thought you did a fantastic job of it, i really enjoyed it'
Simon- 'predictable song, predictable arrangement, look like a bunch of girls aloud rejects, seen it a million times before'
Louis- 'i am very proud of you, youve come a really long way'

Austin Drage (mentored by Simon) sang Every Breath You Take by The Police
In the VT he talked about how he was a little bit of an ugly duckling as a child

Louis- 'you are a fantastic singer, youve got a really really soulful voice'
Dannii- 'you do nervous sexy, that was the perfect song for you, i loved it'
Cheryl- 'faultless vocal and you look like a popstar tonight'
Simon- 'this could be the first performance weve ever heard from you where you dont cry! it was a terrific performance but theres a ton left in reserve'

Daniel Evans (mentored by Dannii) sang I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner

In the VT he talked about how he was worried about forgetting his lyrics and how much stuff he had to remember.

Louis- 'you picked a really good song tonight but for me it didnt really work, you remind me of ricky gervais singing karaoke at a christmas party'
Cheryl- 'if this was great guy factor youd be flying through the finals, but as a recording artist i dont quite know where you would slot in'
Simon- 'it was like somebody singing in a pub, you cannot win a show like this because i dont think you would ever be a successful recording artist'
Dannii- 'you are the bravest person i have ever met, you did a great job up there and i love you'

Alexandra Burke (mentored by Cheryl) sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
In the VT she talked about her disadvantaged background and the difficulties she finds in singing and dancing at the same time

Louis- 'that was incredible, youre amazing'
Dannii- 'you did all of that choreography incredibly'
Simon- 'a bit of an obvious song choice, you look fantastic, you put your own spin on the song brilliantly'
Cheryl- 'you owned that stage tonight, you tore it up, i am so proud of you'

JLS (mentored by Louis) sang I'll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men
In the VT they talked about a note Austin was finding difficult to hit, Louis said the song choice was tough

Dannii- 'you guys have been hot since right the beginning, that song was a bit shaky but you did it, i loved it'
Cheryl- 'the chemistry between you in great to watch, and youre bound to be nervous but i loved it'
Simon- 'it didnt start well but having said that this was a crazy song guys actually look like a group, if you can get this tuning right i predict you could potentially be the best group we have ever had on the show'
Louis- 'i agree with you they are the best group weve ever had on the show, i am very very proud'

Scott Bruton sang Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco

In the VT he spoke about his old job as a bluecoat at pontins, his difficulties with the choreography

Louis- 'i dont understand were you got that song from, its the most hideous song choice ever on the history of x factor, its not fair'
Dannii- 'sack your mentor, that was not the right song for you, you are a sex bomb'
Cheryl- 'i see where simon was going with the song choice, he was trying to challenge you but he gave you the biggest bluecoat song going, im blaming him not you'
Simon- 'i got this wrong, i was trying to do something diffrent, if the north of england give you another chance i give you my word i will give you a better song choice next week'

Rachel Hylton (mentored by Dannii) sang With Every Heart Beat by Robyn
In the VT she talked about her past and trying to put things right, how she is worried about the song tonight

Louis- ‘that was totally the wrong song, i love you but i just didn’t get it at all’
Cheryl- ‘i think youve got one of the strongest vocals in this competition and is far better than that track’
Simon- ‘dannii gave you a hideous song which doesn’t match up with your talent, this girl is a potential star and you give her a piece of rubbish to sing’
Dannii- ‘Simon is just jealous that he doesn’t have you in his category, i know you weren’t feeling that song choice but thankyou for giving it your best shot’

Diana Vickers (mentored by Cheryl) sang With Or Without You by U2

In the VT she talked about being at college and her age, how she has only ever sung on stage at school and how scared she was of performing

Louis- ‘that was a great song choice, you are a breath of fresh air in a competition like this, you are the one to beat’
Dannii- ‘we love all of your quirkiness, too much hand going on which distracts from your voice
Simon- ‘you are the singing version of marmite, you will either love it or hate it and i loved it
Cheryl- ‘we took a risk and you absolutely nailed it, you are special’

Bad Lashes (mentored by Louis) sang It Must've Been Love by Roxette
In the VT they spoke about how much they want to win and the pressure they are under

Dannii- ‘great image girls, the solo bits were really good, i really love you girls
Cheryl- ‘i think youre edgy, i think youre spunky, i wouldn’t have chosen that song, i see you more as a kinda indie girl band but i love you’
Simon- ‘to me it was like four separate singers singing a song, i think the fun has been sucked out of you, it was a bit like eating water it doesn’t actually do anything for you’

Eoghan Quigg (mentored by Simon) by Imagine by John Lennon
In the VT he talked about being far away from his town in Ireland, how he was scared of the song because it was so big

Louis- ‘you are definetly not going home tonight, youve got so much potential, everybodys going to love you and youre gonna go a long way in this competition
Dannii- ‘you are just sailing towards the final, most mature performance, do you have a girlfriend?um okay, dannii that was a bit too far...
Cheryl- ‘you absolutely nailed that song, perfect song choice, i loved it’
Simon- ‘what you did tonight just worked, you got it absolutely right, i am very very proud of you

Ruth Lorenzo (mentored by Dannii) sang- in Spanish and English -Take My Breath Away by Berlin
In the VT she talked about born in Spain, her worries about crying during the performance

Louis- ‘it was very emotional, dramatic, i liked it but im not sure the british public are gonna get you’
Cheryl- ‘sexy senorita! I think it was the perfect song choice for you’
Simon- ‘you have a very powerful presence, what i love about you is that you are a real woman, i dont think you are the best singer but you have the best charisma’
Dannii- ‘Mr Simon Cowell fanices you so you cant go wrong, i know you want the Spanish senorita ut you don’t have to do that every week’

Laura White (mentored by Cheryl) sang Falling by Alicia Keys
In the VT she spoke about being a student, how lucky she feels but how much she misses her family and her struggle with her confidence
Louis- ‘i cant believe that youre not confident, that was incredible and so amazing
Dannii- ‘youre a major contender, i loved you from your very first audition
Simon- ‘i genuinely wasn’t sure if you were gonna be able to cope with everything tonight, taking everything into account i thought that was outstanding, you have a fantastic future potentially ahead of you young lady
Cheryl- ‘i cant believe someone so amazing talented has so many insecuritys but you just proved to yourself tonight, you sounded great up there and i am so proud of you

so who went home?

it was Girlband and Bad Lashes, both mentored by Louis, in the bottom two
Each act sang a song with personal meaning to them

Bad Lashes sang Wonderwall by Oasis
Girlband sang by That’s What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick

the judges voted for:
Simon- 'i thought they were both shocking, but the band i am sending home is Bad Lashes'
Cheryl- 'ive got a lot of respect for both of you for what youve done tonight but im gonna send home Girlband'
Dannii- 'we dont wanna do this, this i have to? the act i will send home is Girlband'
Louis- 'dermot, im not gonna vote off any of my bands and i am loyal to both of them, so i am gonna make it go to public vote so the band i am picking is Bad Lashes'

the judges votes tied so it went to DEADLOCK, the act with the lowest number of votes was sent home and it was...

Bad Lashes!

next week the theme is Michael Jackson songs and Girls Aloud will be performing

my favourites are alexandra and jsl (i would include rachel but her song choice was awful)
diana gives off too much of a ‘look at me, im sooooooo quirky, i don’t even wear SHOES!’ vibe for me to like her, although her voice is pretty

what did you think? was the right act sent home? what about the performances? isnt dermot o’leary fucking sexy?
THE ANSWER IS, to the last question anyway, YES.

source; my television on channel 3, itv
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